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    • Virginia's signature dishes are a Coconut and Pomegranate Celery Root Salad and Chicken Roulade. Virginia won two separate challenges on Hell's Kitchen with her Chicken Roulade recipe.

    • Virginia has done some traveling in Europe, but instead of associating each country with their famous tourist attractions, Virginia best remembers each separate country for the cuisine that she had the opportunity to sample there.

    • Virginia comes from a creative family. Her father is a professional musician, and her mother is a painter. Virginia herself is also a sculptor. She also has a sister named Jasmine.

    • Virginia is proud of the fact that she had the opportunity of cooking for Julia Child before her death. Julia often dined at the culinary school restaurant where Virginia was a student.

    • Virginia has created a limited edition cookbook (500 copies) of her favorite sensual recipes titled Chef Virginia Is For Lovers, 29 Easy Recipes That Can Lead To Love Between The Sheets!. She is selling it from her own, personal website for $25 each.

    • Virginia is married to fellow chef Felipe Armenta. They also share a professional relationship- Felipe is the Executive Chef at the Palm Beach Grill in West Palm Beach, and Virginia is his Sous Chef.

    • Virginia had no idea what the TV show Hell's Kitchen was when she auditioned for it. She thought it was a local New York show that introduced the eateries of the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. A show of that nature does exist and she had no desire to be on it, but it was her day off and she had nothing better to do and decided she might as well see for herself.

    • When the last three chefs were challenged to recreate one of Gordon Ramsey's signature dishes on Hell's Kitchen 2, Virginia was the only one to get all the main elements right. Her rivals claimed that she had done so because she had read one of Ramsey's cookbooks immediately before the challenge, but Ramsey later admitted that the dish wasn't really one of his signature dishes, but one he had his sous chefs create a short time before the challenge took place.

    • Virginia says that even if she had won Hell's Kitchen 2 she's not sure if she would have accepted the grand prize of running a new restaurant at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. She felt that while she had the ability to create a great menu, she lacked the leadership skills that she would have needed as an executive chef. But she feels that in time she will gain the experience she needs to take that step on her own.

    • Chef Gordon Ramsay said of Virginia, "You have something that money can't buy and that is creativity and a gifted palate."

    • Virginia offered each of her former competitors Giacomo, Keith, and Tom $1,000 if they helped her to win Hell's Kitchen.

    • Virginia commented many times that she found Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen very attractive as a man, and flirted with him several times during the course of the competition. And Keith Greene, another competitor, accused Chef Ramsay of keeping Virginia in because he was attracted to her.

    • Virginia lost in the final challenge of Hell's Kitchen coming in second to Heather West.

    • Virginia became one of the final two chefs on season 2 of Hell's Kitchen in spite of being up for elimination on six separate occasions, the most of any season 2 contestant.

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