Virginia Hey

Virginia Hey


6/19/1962, Sydney, Australia

Birth Name

Virginia Robyn Hey


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Virginia Hey's early childhood was mostly spent between being in Australia and London, England. After a while of growing up she was noticed at a bus stop and began her career as a fashion model in Australia and in Europe.

Virginia appeared in some magazines and shortly after began…more


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    • Virginia: Any creative pursuit is so healing for the soul and distracting from all harshness. But Sci-Fi is very special, it is a marriage of art, science and distinct possibilities. Sci-Fi is food for alive minds and gypsy spirits!

    • Virginia: Actually I'd adore to do fantasy, I rather fancy myself as Cate Blanchett's character in Lord of The Rings. Mind you, she was magnificent , as usual. I also would love to do a period piece to explore the stillness that women portrayed.

    • Virginia: Sydney casting agents, often asked me if I was interested in auditioning for small parts in movies, I would always say no as I was frightened of making a fool of myself masquerading as yet another glam thing.

    • Virginia: (Talking about not being too old to act.) I'm over fifty, fabulous, fit, and flirty, still glam and unstoppable now.

    • Virginia: (Working with animatronics on Farscape.) Each character takes between six to eight people to operate, so you're working with bodies all over the place. Dodging and stepping over bodies in the middle of scenes is hilarious. But I took to believing their surreal cognition easily, because thanks to my mother--who was an artist I'm blessed with a wonderfully artistic imagination. So I embrace Rygel and Pilot as fellow actors.

    • Virginia: ( About how hard her role was on Farscape.) It was the hardest, most difficult, most complex role I've ever had in of my life, and therefore the most fulfilling and compelling, because every actor likes to be challenged. We're suckers for punishment, so the more painful and complex and challenging it is, and the more you have to wrench yourself inside out to do it, the more we like it. There's nothing worse than a boring role.

    • Virginia Hey: I used to LOVE dancing and would take classes every day in Covent Gardens at the Floral St Dance Centre with Arlene Phillips as my teacher. I wasn't very good, but I LOVED it!

    • Virginia Hey: I love homemade Anzac biscuits. (Australian cookies)

    • Virginia Hey: Fav junk food equals Bakewell Tarts and peanut butter and apricot jam on buttered toast! Yum! Um, but not all at the same time. At least an hour apart!

    • Virginia Hey: You're always asking me... well... um.. OK.. I like artistic, quirky, soulful, interesting guys with twinkly eyes.

    • Virginia Hey: I don't drink or smoke or take drugs.

    • Virginia Hey: When Im travelling away from home working at a convention, please leave me alone before I have my breakfast. I need time and solitude to rev up to speed. Thats the only time Im "mean" so watch-out! LOL.

    • Virginia Hey: (About her character on Farscape) My interest in Zhaan-like things comes from my parents. I had extraordinarily inquisitive parents-quite brilliant in their powers of observation. They didn't pass all their abilities to me, unfortunately. I wish. I wish. But they passed on that curiosity about living. It's a concept that won't die in me. In fact, it's been getting stronger and stronger as I get older. It's gotten to the point where I am absolutely driven to understand what makes people tick in every way. That includes every dimension of people: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally.