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  • What a rarity: Beauty, brains and talent. In this case, we're talking about Virginia Madsen!

    In The Beginning

    When I was beginning my career in movie making, I had the pleasure to work with Virginia Madsen as she was starting off too. We were both employeed by HBO in the production of their very first self made movie Long Gone, which was about the Grapefruit League of baseball players back in the 1950s in Florida.

    All I can say is that Virginia was a stunningly beautiful woman, a great talent we could all see even then, and she was very nice.

    One day on the set at a baseball stadium, her part called for her to run up to the fencing behind home plate and look through to where the camera was. She did this several times and then one time she ran and slipped and fell hard. I ran up to her and starred down into her multi-colored eyes and asked her if she was okay. As I reached my hand out to her, she said she was fine and smiled a smile that melted my heart instantly. No more mister tough guy. I was putty.

    After that, whenever she would she me on set, she would smile and say, "Hi Rob!"

    I've worked for 20 years in the biz and it's so refreshing to see that there are indeed nice folks still making movies today.

    Thanks for the memories, Virginia. May you continue your wonderful ride!