Vivian Wu





1/1/1966 , Shanghai,China

Birth Name

Wu Jun Mei




Vivian Wu was born in Shanghai, China in 1966 as Wu Jun Mei. Vivian started acting at age fifteen with the Shanghai Film Studio, and then later Vivian studied Travel Industry Management at Hawaii's Pacific University. After that Vivian acted as 'Wen Hsiu' in the Oscar Oscar-winning film 'The Last Emperor' (1987) directed by Italian directer Bernardo Bertolucci. In 1993 Vivian was cast by directer Oliver Stone in 'Heaven and Earth' (1993) and 'The Joy Luck Club' (1993). Since then Vivian has been working constantly in film and television and was cast by directer Peter Greenway in '8 ½ Women' (1999) and The Pillow Book (1996) in which she starred alongside Ewan McGregor. Vivian also played 'Soong May-ling' in the hit film 'The Soong Sisters' (1997) and was chosen by people magazine as one of the most beautiful people in the world in 1990.