Vivien Cardone

Vivien Cardone


4/14/1993, Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, USA

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Vivien Breanne Cardone


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Delia Brown on Everwood Best known for her portrayal of young Marcee in the Academy Award-winning film A Beautiful Mind, Vivien Cardone made her television debut as the spirited Delia Brown in the Monday night drama Everwood. At 11 years old, Cardone does not have many credits to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Vivien lived on the eastern end of Long Island for 9 years.

    • Vivien loves Twinkies and likes M&M's, of which she prefers the crunchy kind over the plain or peanut ones. She also loves all sorts of gum except for the hot and red stuff.

    • If there was a famous actor she could work with, it would have to be Robin Williams. Vivien thinks he's funny and loves all of his movies.

    • Vivien appeared in the movie All Roads Lead Home (originally entitled Shadows of Atticus) in 2008. She played Belle Lawlor.

    • Among the shows Vivien enjoys watching are the CW (formerly WB) series Smallville and Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants. She also used to watch Everwood with her family.

    • For her role as Delia Brown on Everwood, Cardone has been nominated for a Young Artist Award, "Best Performance in a TV Series [Comedy or Drama] - Young Actress Ten or Under" in 2003 and 2004, and "Best Performance in a TV Series (Drama) - Supporting Young Actress" in 2005 and 2006.

    • She is involved with various charity events such as sponsorship in the Hearts of the Father Outreach, Dream Halloween for Children born with Aids, and Teaching Kids to Care.

    • She enjoys dancing, including Irish step dancing, for which she has won awards. She also enjoys playing, swimming, roller-blading, singing, and hanging out with friends.

    • In 2006, Vivien, her sister, and a friend recorded their debut album for their singing group, DOV, which makes up the initials of their names (Danielle, Olivia, and Vivien).

    • Vivien has three other siblings: an older sister Olivia, a younger brother Dallas, and a younger sister Lydia. Olivia is also an actress. Vivien is the second oldest of the four.

    • Her father, Mark, is a Long Island residential home builder, while her mother, who home-schooled her, is a bookkeeper, owns a lawn sign company, and is's CEO.

    • Vivien is 5'2".

    • Vivien first big screen role as Marcee Herman in the Academy Award winning film A Beautiful Mind.

    • She was named after Vivien Leigh, her mother's favorite actress.

    • Among the many charities she is involved with are Samaritan's Purse and Save A Pet. She herself has owned several pets including two dogs, two cats, two hamsters, two chinchillas, a mouse, fish, and three geckos.

  • Quotes

    • Vivien: Life is short. Tell those around you how much you love them, because they may be gone before you know it.

    • Vivien: (on her plans after "Everwood") I think I'm gonna stop the TV shows. I don't think my family can really handle it. It's going to be too hard to move back and forth. I think I'm just going to hold off, because it takes to long, you grow a family and then you lose it all, you know? It's really hard. Maybe when I get older. I think I'm sticking to movies for a while.

    • Vivien: (if she weren't an actress) I'd like to cook. I want to go culinary school. You give me a cook book, and I'll pull my mom over, and I'll just cook something. I have lots of cookbooks.

    • Vivien: (on why she loves acting) I like the challenge, how many things I can do, how many people I can be. It's a challenge for me, and it's a lot of fun. I like to meet new people. I like to try different things. That's the kind of girl I am.

    • Vivien: (advice to kids who want to be actors) Just do your best...If you want to get into acting, just do your best, work hard, and have fun doing it.

    • Vivien: (talking about her relationship with Gregory) He's very funny. The funniest thing he's ever done is he walks up to me and he starts rapping in front of me and he knows that I don't kind of like it.

    • Vivien: (comparing herself to Delia, her character on "Everwood") Okay, well on the one, she's a tomboy and I'm a complete girly-girl. Let's see, well, she likes to wear hats and I kind of like to wear hats. And I have this one hat that says spoiled and proud of it, and it's so true. But yeah, we're not very much alike.

    • Vivien: (about 11th birthday gifts) I got Skip-It, and I got lots of cute Hello Kitty clothes, and it was very sweet of everyone.

    • Vivien: (on a normal non-filming day) When I am not filming, I have a school day, I just do my school, and when I finish my school I go and I play with my friends. Or I sit on the couch and watch t.v.

    • Vivien: (about other co-stars of "Everwood") Oh yeah. Treat Williams is very cool, and basically everyone there I'm very close with. Oh yeah, when she [Marcia Cross] got off she was very depressed when she got off of Everwood and we were very close and we were very good friends. She got me this cute little Hello Kitty bracelet - I love Hello Kitty, so that was very nice of her. Yeah, I miss her. We liked to talk.

    • Vivien: (on her family) Well, my mom is very cool. She's probably the coolest mom on the block. That's what they say, that's what the kids say. And my dad, he used to play softball, and my brother's into sports and my older sister, she's got a really good voice and my sister, my younger sister, we think she's going to be a lawyer when she grows up. She's very bossy.