W. Earl Brown


W. Earl Brown Trivia


  • Trivia

    • He was in the movie There's Something About Mary and he played Warren Jensen.

    • He is married to Carrie Pascall.

    • Attended The Theatre School of DePaul in Chicago with classmates John C. Reilly and Gillian Anderson.

      Graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Theater.

      Graduated from Calloway County High School, in Murray, Kentucky.

      Earl started the band "Sacred Cowboys" with Peter Spirer (the director of "Dunsmore"), Jeff Robertson, Stephen Quadros, Tony Cavazo, Ralph Stevens, and Mike "Rhinestone" Johnstone (who he met on the set of "Deadwood").

  • Quotes

    • W. Earl Brown: (On playing Warren in There's Something about Mary) The character was retarded - he wasn't an idiot. Of all the idiots I've known in my life, none of them were retarded.