Wade Williams

Wade Williams


12/24/1961, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Birth Name

Wade Andrew Williams



Also Known As

Wade Andrew Williams
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  • Season Three
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Wade and his three siblings were born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a youth, Wade was very interested in drama and music, which originated from his church. When Wade graduated from high school, he began studying medicine at the University of Tulsa. However, it wasn't long before…more


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    • Wade: For now, I am going to relax and hang out with my family and enjoy some time off. Hopefully I'll still have a job to come back to — maybe I need to start looking for the next gig? I know some of the cast members have movies lined up for the hiatus. This show has really given some of the actors a big leg up in the industry. I am very proud of them.

    • Wade: I just went to L.A. to attend the Paley Festival, an event and honor given by the Museum of Television & Radio. It was great to participate in an event where we could meet some of our fans. It was a wonderful evening, a thrill to experience the reaction that our fans have to the show and to our characters.

    • Wade: (Talking about the end of Prison Break Season 2) Gird your loins for the last episodes, because everything is gonna go haywire. People are gonna die, maybe even Bellick. Like life, we never know when our number is up. Nothing and nobody is sacred on this show. The writers, again, have proven the prowess of their sick, twisted minds. It's going to be sad to see certain cast members bite the dust. They will be missed from our PB family. I am certain that they will land on their feet running.

    • Wade: In Season 2, Dallas, Texas, and the weather held the starring role. If I were to pick a better climate, I'd pick Season 1's Chicago because at least you know what you're gonna get: cold in the winter, hot in the summer. In Dallas, it can be all that in the same day. The heat was brutal last summer: 122 scorching degrees sometimes. One day in December, it was sleeting and snowing in the morning, then after lunch we were in short sleeves breaking out the sunscreen. So far, the rumors point to Season 3 being shot here in Dallas as well, with splinter units being sent to Florida and Shreveport, Louisiana.

    • Wade: We still haven't heard officially that there is going to be a Season 3 of PB, or where it will be shot. As for Bellick and Wade, one thing for certain is nothing's for certain. The best thing about being an actor is you get a lot of time off. The worst thing about being an actor is you get a lot of time off.

    • Wade Williams: One of the great things about films and television acting is that actors get three or fours tries at it, opposed to a theatre piece, you know, that's it, you get one shot at the scene.

    • Wade Williams: Oh yeah, I've written a couple of scripts; short film or two, I do music and I love stuff like that! It fascinates me, not so much directing but how a film is put together after its shot, you know, how a scene completely changed, depending on how it's edited.

    • Wade Williams: (Referring to his character on Prison Break) Bellick is the only one who really knows how to catch them, everybody else is an idiot.

    • Wade: (Referring to an episode of Prison Break) I promise you that by the end of every episode you're stomach is going to be in you're throat.

    • Wade Williams: I've got a four year old I've got to get my rest! (laughs) I mean playing with a four year old that's like playing with the Green Bay Packers

    • Wade Williams: (Talking about Prison Break) There are really great plot twists, things I would never imagine happen to anybody and I'm totally with it all the time, it's just great.

    • Wade: (talking about how he feels playing a villain on Prison Break) Oh yes, it's the best! I get to do things on television which I wish I could do in real life.

    • Wade Williams: (talking about his current show; Prison Break) One of the things I love about this show is that it's written so beautifully, I sit down and read them (clicks fingers) 20 minutes, I can't wait to see what's next and I'm also worried if I'm going to die on the next page.

    • Wade Williams: (talking about his co-stars on Prison Break) I'm just an old fogey compared to these guys, I mean you know they're like in their late 20's early 30's and are like party animals, they like to go out.

    • Wade Williams: My name is Wade 'Grateful' Williams – to be in a show like this [Prison Break] is a blessing from Buddha, it's a great deal.

      A lot of actors think that a movie career is a bigger thing to do, but I know for a fact that, a guy like me, I've been in a lot of things, you recognise me from things. But you don't make any money doing movies unless you're Tom Cruise. I make scale & 10% - which is $2,250 a week, not a lot of money.

      On a big movie I might get three weeks of work. So television is a great steady gig. Especially for character actors – where do the Liam Neesons and Kiefer Sutherlands fit into the big blockbusters?'

  • Way better than Wentworth.

    You cannot deny the versatility of this actor. He portrays his character exceptionally over the course of the show. With all the beautifully handled turnabouts of his personality as Bellick, he made it clear to the viewers that supporting actors shouldn't settle for mediocrity and can really outweigh performances of leads.

    He may not have the looks to have a show of his own but he had the talent to be part of any show or movie in Hollywood. He is the real deal when it comes to acting not like some young celebrities around who are considered to be stars but not actors.moreless
  • Good Actor

    I think Bellick is a good character for the show but he lacks something I'm not quite sure what it is, oh yeah he is a guard and thinks he runs the place, I absolutely hate the guy he pisses me off more than I can count, but like I said he is good for the show if he can do that. But never the less I like how Wade portrays the actor, he is obviously doing his job great if I hate him.moreless