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    • Wallace: (on Jorja Fox leaving "CSI" during season eight) It is not as much fun without her on set. Jorja works hard and she is dedicated to her role. She has always been a part of the family and it is very hard for us to see her go.

    • Wallace: ("Marie" is Marie Osmond.) One of my most horrifying experiences was helping my mom carry some shoes into Marie's dressing room. I had the hugest crush on her. She turned around, and she didn't have any makeup on, and it was like the Phantom of the Opera at the organ.

    • Wallace: I don't think I'll ever be cast as a leading man. But I'm very content playing people everybody knows: 'Oh, there's that smart little a -- hole.'

    • Wallace: (on the "You Kill Me" episode on "CSI") It was a really fun script to get and it was certainly unexpected. The writers were giddy every time they would mention it. They would pull me aside and be like (mimics excitable writer), 'ok, we have this script coming up and it's about you developing a board game and you're killing everyone in the lab' and then they would start giggling like kids.

    • Wallace: (comparing himself with his character on "CSI") Any similarities between myself and Hodges? Not really. I wish that I could say that I was as smart as he is but then I'm glad that I'm not as lonely as he is.

    • Wallace: (on being recognized by the public) They keep saying: 'I know you!' I usually let them sweat it out a bit before telling them I'm on CSI.

    • Wallace: I've had big parts in small films and small parts in big films.

    • Wallace: (on what he likes and hates about his "CSI" character Hodges) I like that he's endowed with bizarre affectations and genetic predispositions. I hate that he still lives with his mother.