Wallace Shawn





11/12/1943 , New York, New York, USA

Birth Name




Short, frazzle-haired character actor with blubbery lower lip and distinctive lisp, who frequently plays nervous, untrustworthy characters (usually for laughs). He's also a talented writer with several plays to his credit, as well as the script for My Dinner With Andre (1981), a partially autobiographical film he penned with costar Andre Gregory. The son of longtime "New Yorker" editor William Shawn, he made his stage debut in 1977 in a self-translated production of Machia velli's "The Mandrake," and broke into films two years later with supporting roles in Bob Fosse's All That Jazz and Woody Allen's Manhattan

OTHER FILMS INCLUDE: 1979:Starting Over 1980: Atlantic City, Simon 1982: The First Time, A Little Sex 1983: Deal of the Century, Lovesick 1984: The Bostonians, Crackers, The Hotel New Hampshire, Micki + Maude 1985: Heaven Help Us 1986: Head Office 1987: The Bedroom Window, Nice Girls Don't Explode, Prick Up Your Ears, Radio Days, The Princess Bride (a wonderful role as an unlikely fairy-tale villain); 1988: The Moderns 1989: Scenes From the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, She's Out of Control We're No Angels 1992: Shadows and Fog, Mom and Dad Save the World 1993: Unbecoming Age, The Cemetery Club, The Meteor Man.