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  • The odd ball that makes no apologies for what he is, and excels at being interesting all the time.

    He played an iconic Vizzini in the Princess Bride, he played the comedic relief role to perfection, in a movie full of comedic moments, his stood out. With reckless abandon he goes at a character, and leaves you wanting more, if for no other reason to see what he will do next. And no matter what role he plays, he puts a stamp on it so sharp and clear that replacing him is impossible. While on Crossing Jordan he delivered each dramatic scene stronger than the next, on a strong drama show he took them to the next level on a constant basis. I truly enjoyed his episodes, they were always something to look forward to. As Dr. Stiles he was perfect, as if he was born to play that role. And on a show that lasted well over 100 episodes I truly look forward to the 8 episodes he appeared in.
  • Wallace Shawn is one of those under appreciated actors but he is very talented.

    When I first herd him play Bertram in Emission Impossible and Sibling Rivalry on Family Guy I like his unique voice. I watched some movies with his voice talent to discovered he played Rex in Toy Story and Gillbert Huph in The Incredibles. I watched more of his films and saw more of his talent in The Princess Bride, The Haunted Mansion, and My Favorite Martion. He is one of those unique people who are like Richard Horvitz, Tom Kenny, and Dan Constallanetta who have many voices instead of just one. Thank you for reading my review on William Shawn.