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    Hi, welcome to the talented writer, Wally Wolodarsky's, profile here at tv.com. If you wanna submit something, that's awesome but here are some guidlines:


    Quotes must be right, if they are not formatted correctly, they'll be declined :shocked:. Here's the correct way to sub them to me:

    Wally: I can't believe how popular the saying 'yo mum' has gotten, in two thousand years.

    The grammar and tags MUST be correct, mmkay.


    Trivia must be plausible, it has to be things interesting, not just any crap your rolling out and show names MUST be italized.


    My bio's pretty slapped togethor, if you want to write a new one, sure!

    Ok, now you're ready to go, go get 'em, tiger,

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