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    • Wally was 5'6" tall.

    • Wally has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6385 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Wally Cox was most famous for his role as Robinson Peepers on the series "Mr. Peepers", 1952-1955. In fact, Cox detested the gentle science teacher, that he played on the series. Cox referred to the character as "Mr. Goodboy". Cox insisted to those who knew him that he, as a human being, was nothing at all like his character.

    • Wally Cox was a regular panelist on "The Hollywood Squares" from the show's debut in 1966, until his death in 1973. While it was later revealed that many of the panelist had scripted lines for question replies, Cox did not. He was given free reign by the producers to react to the questions with his own brand of sarcasm. He was known on the series for his wit filled one-liners.

    • Wally Cox was a lifelong friend of Marlon Brando. After Cox's unexpected death from a heart attack in 1973, Brando came into possession of Cox's cremated remains and kept them sequestered in a closet in his home for over thirty years, until his own death in 2004. After a ceremony for Brando, the ashes of both men were scattered in Death Valley, California, thus bringing together in death, two men who had been true friends in life.

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