Wally Wingert





5/6/1961 , Des Moines, Iowa U.S.A.

Birth Name

Wallace E. Wingert




A very talented and versatile actor, singer, performer, voice-over artist and writer. You can learn all about Wally at his website: http://www.wallyontheweb.com It is a fascinating website! You will enjoy the audio and video clips, the pictures and the interesting stories on this great guy!

Also,i will tell youy the Bio it says on his website(some)

Born in Des Moines, Iowa and reared in the Great Plains of South Dakota, Wally developed a love for performing at an early age. From elementary school through High School, he kept busy writing, perfecting impersonations and developing a repertoire of characters and voices. Wally became a regular in school plays and talent shows. He also perfected his talents as a puppeteer.

At the age of 16 he entered the only field his Midwestern surroundings had to offer in regard to making money from his abilities…radio. While DJing, Wally kept his hand at other performing interests; singing, acting, puppeteering and writing. Unfortunately, in South Dakota, making a decent living from performing was an impossibility. So in 1987 Wally moved to Los Angeles.Submitting a string of parody songs to the syndicated "Dr. Demento Show" during his days in Midwestern radio would pay off, because through the help of the good Dr. himself, Wally was hired at Westwood One Radio Network. On weekends he also worked at a jazz station called The Wave.

In 1989 Batmania swept the nation with anticipation of a new Batman film from Warner Brothers. When Adam West, Wally's childhood hero, was not re-cast as the title character in the film, he spoke out the best way he knew. The song "Adam West" was a parody of the number one dance song "Wild Wild West", and wove a humorous tale of a disgruntled Bat-Fan whose hero was overlooked for the big screen version of the comic book icon.
Wally's hobbies include collecting animation art and autographs, drawing, costuming, collectible toys, rock and roll and beautiful women (not necessarily in that order). He has been active in several charities including the Christian Broadcast Network, the Los Angeles Mission, the Union Rescue Mission, the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, the First Christian Church of North Hollywood's Food Pantry, AIDS Project Los Angeles, the Ronald McDonald House, the Jaycees, Special Olympics, Feed the Children, various children's charities and others.