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  • This guy is great!!!

    Wally Wingert is great. On Invder Zim, he did the voice of Almighty tallest red. Almighty tallest red is also one of my favorite charaters on Invader Zim, next to Almighty tallest purple. I have notice that Wally Wingert did lots of terrible shows which a call it adult shows. The only adult show that is better enough for him is Family Guy. Family guy is the only adult show that is not stupid. Mosts adult shows has a high score so its better than kid shows. I dont blame him because all the new shows are terrible. It doesnt matter because the point is Wally Wingert does a good job on the voice of Almighty tallest red.
  • Wally Wingert is a little known voice talent that adds life to any show he's on.

    Wally Wingert is such a superb voice talent!
    I love his work on Ninja Turtles (Not Listed?), and Invader Zim. He is also in another two of my all time favorite shows Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law and Family Guy. He does awesome work and has great range. I talked to him once and he was the nicest guy you could imagine. He answered all my questions and was completley enthusiastic about the whole spheel. He is a really great talent and I think he should get himself into some more cartoons because I love his work. That\'s about all I have to say about the guy.