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  • King of Cartoons

    Walt Disney is the greatest animator of all time, with only Tex Avery and Hayao Miyazaki capable of rivaling him. He created Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pete and created the first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He created the first talking cartoon and also the very first color cartoon as well. During his lifetime, he created 19 animated films, the final being the Jungle Book, a huge achievement for anyone.
  • He's a good cartoonist

    I like the way he did to Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was my favorite disney character. I liked his cartoons. it had creativity and fun cartoons. I remember going to disneyland at one time. its quite fun going there. The only few disney stuff i dont like back then are Winnie the Pooh and the muppets. but others, are good. I hate Disney now. All they have is tween crap. All that tween crap is all about is singing about boyfriend and girlfriend that nobody gives a shit about.
  • He's a good guy for the most part.

    The only projects I did not like is. Cinderella, Pinocchio, the Micky Mouse club, and the live action films that did not include the animation. But everything is good.
  • You rock walt disney!

    You have amazing parks Walt Disney and awesome shows on Disney channel Its very sad that you didnt get to see Disney world because you........passed.....away..... I wish I could meet you I am a big fan of everything about Disney (as in Mickey and stuff) and I like the fire works at magic kingdom they are very cool in every way :)
  • Four words: Unique in every way.

    Walt's cartoons have entertained me since the age of 5 when I saw them on "Ink & Paint Club." I'll never forget the first one I saw--"The Wise Little Hen." All it took was 5 seconds for me to fall in love with the goodness the his shorts are. I remember always getting up at 5:00 am to watch these. Man, those were the days.

    But enough about my introduction to his shorts. Let's move on to the important stuff:

    Walt had something that set him and his studio apart from all the other studios of his time. What is that? Well, let me list a few things:

    - His company did the first sound cartoon
    - His company did the first color cartoon
    - He knew the right kind of jokes for his shorts
    - The genius involved in all of the cartoons he did is too awesome for words.
    - The lyrics to the songs in the cartoons his studio made are unforgettable. (e.g.:
    Oh, I never took a bath
    And I never will
    Dirty bill)

    Moving on from the cartoons, let's look at the movies of his:

    What to say? So many masterpieces--all the work of Walt Disney. Some of these are:

    - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    - Bambi
    - Pinocchio
    - Lady and the Tramp
    - Fantasia

    There are so many good things about these movies. I don't know where to start, but I'll try to list a couple:

    - Outstanding writing
    - High entertainment value
    - Nothing to get you bored at all
    - Humor like you've never seen before
    - The fact that they were done for the audience--not just for the money.

    All this and many more are things that make his movies so unique.

    And Walt didn't just do movies and cartoons. He also made Disneyland and planned Disney World (which he highly unfortunately never saw due to his death), two radically hot vacation spots, amusement parks, whatever you want to call them.

    Though the magic of Walt has disappeared from Disney Channel completely, the Disney movies these days don't have the magic (nor will they ever) Walt gave all of his works, the spirit of Walt still is among us, as more and more of his works are being released onto DVD.

    I could say a whole lot more, but this review is getting very long.

    Final words:

    Altogether, Walt was an incredible guy. His works are still enjoyed and always will be. If only I could have been around to have a chance at meeting him. Walt was a genius.

    Final person grade: A+
  • This guy is brilliant!

    This guy is just great. He make great classic cartoons and movies like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snowhite and The Seven Dwarfs, Goofy, Minnie Mouse,Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Dumbo and everything. He also opened Disneyland although I never been there. Walt Disney made Disney Studios awesome.

    Walt Disney was born in 1901, then he died in 1966 because he's always smoking. After Walt Disney died, it was still awesome until the present. In the present, everything was gone horrible,the present Disney make stupid teenage shows like Hannah Montana and etc. and there horrible, they just doing make there life perfect. Disney movies today is also horrible like Bedtime stories, High School Musical 1 and 2, Race to Witch Mountains and etc. Enchanted was their only decent movie.

    He'll never like this when he was resurrected.
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  • Pure genius!

    Walt Disney was the greatest! He created a very creative character named "Mickey Mouse", while he did others named "Donald Duck", "Goofy", "Minnie Mouse", and other talented characters! He also made good shorts as well (not the pair, those short cartoons). Too bad he's gone forever in our lives. I did a project of him when I was in third grade (when I was 9 years old). My favorite films created by him are "Pinocchio", "Fun & Fancy Free" and "Mary Poppins". I also like Winnie the Pooh as well (I loved Winnie the Pooh as a little kid). He also did a great theme park! He's talented!
  • Walt Disney is One Amazing person.

    My 2nd Person review but I'm going to will count this for my 76th Review.

    He is Amazing. He came up with Mickey Mouse, Bambi, he even made an Giant Amusement Park in 4 locations. Disneyworld in Florida, Disneyland in California, while 2 in the USA, Disneyworld in Paris France, and even a Disneyworld in Toyko Japan. He is a Legendary Animator, He Invented the Magic in Animations and his Amusement park Literally and Truly made everyone's greatest dreams have come true. He is one of the all time Greatest. I'll Truly give this guy an A++!!!! Now that's Greatness. That's all!
  • He, Seth MacFarlane, Mike Judge, John Kricfalusi and Matt Groening are the greatest cartoonists of all time!

    Walt Disney is a really talented man i mean he invented Oswald the Lucky Rabbit(his original creation and Disney got back the rights to him back in Feburary 2006), his famous character Mickey Mouse, his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, tempered Donald Duck, sweet and polite Daisy Duck(she was sweet and polite up until House of Mouse/Mickey Mouse Works) and many more he even did his own versions of fairytales and such like Cinderella and Pinocchio for example shame that he died though but Disney was getting better and better that is until they released useless sequels and 2006 came and we were introduced to crap like High School Musical and Hannah Montana god Disney was made for everyone not teenagers if only Walt was still alive he'd deal with those people who ruined what was once a great company and Walt, i salute you for making such great cartoons i mean without this guy there wouldn't be anymore cartoons and stuff hell we wouldn't have South Park or Beavis and Butthead(i know there adult cartoons well Beavis and Butthead is a teen cartoon in reality but it doesn't deal with teenage problems unlike Danny Phantom and 6teen but still without this guy those shows wouldn't of been made) and they moved Mickey and his friends to damn Playhouse Disney where only preschoolers are watching again Mickey is not aimed at preschoolers he was made for everyone no matter what people say and do i say can Hannah Montana and High School Musical for the classic Disney shows.
  • He is the one who knows how to save Disney,too bad he's gone:(

    Well what more can I say,he is probably the best cartoonist in the hostory of mankind.He created such characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse,Donald Duck,Goofy,and etc.He was a great man who ran a great empire,untill in 1966 he had passed away.As the years went by,his empire fell apart,Sure we go those great 80's/early 90's cartoons,but it was never quite the same.Then in 2004(I Think) Jetix took over Toon Disney and are making sure none of his creations see the light of day.Then Disney Channel went to the dogs by annialating all signs of cartooning(cept Playhouse Disney) for these downright terrible teen shows,now his empire has become not even a shell of what it once was. r.i.p.
    Walt Disney
  • If only he was alive: Maybe he could save all of his company.

    Walt Disney revolutionized the industry of movie-making and Animation. He was one of the greatest and most famous people of his time and of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the foundation he had set has been masacred, and is not even a shell of it's former self. The Disney of today have now moved away from the future that Walt probably had in mind, and they have even soiled Mickey Mouse. If Walt Disney had not died as early as he did, Disney would have been a better compay than it is today. Disney was very talented, and as the world of Disney slowly falls into darkness, we must remeber the original works that the Disney corporation made, and how the world of Disney can never be as good as Walt Disney made it all of those years ago.
  • What would the world be like without him?

    Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He is incredible!! You see the word Disney almost everywhere. I can't imagine what the world would be like if Walt was never born. I absoultely love Disney World and Disney Channel and I can't image what my life would be like if it wasn't for him. He is the best!! I'm obsessed with Disney World I go there almost every year and I'm going this July. He died sadly on December 15, 1966 10 days after his 65th birthday (I think). All in all, he's the bomb!
  • MY IDOL!

    AHHHH! I love Disneyland! My family goes EVERY year a couple of times! This man is a genius and would give a lot to have at least 10 minutes with him! He was such a kind man with a loving heart. He only wanted his daughter's and the WORLD to live a happy life. He has inspired me to do whatever I want to not think in the box.
  • The Greatest

    Disney is one the biggest names in history. you can't go anywhere without seeing the name "Disney" on something. From clasic disney to disney channel it is the best. But we wouldn't have any of this not mickey mouse, not cinderella, not pooh bear, not even hannah montana if it hadn't been for this man. He is truly my heroe. The Disney Company has been so successful through all these years and continues to bring us great movies,shows and music. I think if Walt Disney was still alive he would be proud of all the amazing things his company has done. I can't imagine the world without Disney.
  • Walt Disney was a great man, cartoonist, and more.

    Walt Disney worked from nothing, to everything it is today. He had no idea his business would have grown to the immense business it is today. Before he had the Walt Disney Company, he was living in his car, or garage, or in one of his numerous cartooning job offices. No matter how hard it was, he kept trying. He never gave up his hopes and dreams for his cartooning. Also, that's how he met his wife, in one of his offices. His determination, cartoons, and hard labor made the company from absolutly nothing. He was an honest, hard-working, determined man for dreams and hopes that seemed impossible. With his parks, he has made millions happy, and that will last forever.
  • He didn't know that Disney would become the massive corporation it is now. He represents what Disney was back when it was good.

    There is a large difference between Disney movies and post-Walt Disney movies. The movies that came when he was alive were fun and free-spirited. They were and still are known as classics. The Disney movies now only exist for money, look at how many unnecessary sequels of their movies exist. You can't blame Walt for Disney being stupid. You can blame his successors. His movies actually had messages to guide kids, they actually had a good plot. Now, the movies just have endless CGI and toilet humor. Even the non-Pixar ones have endless CGI, and only Pixar can make a good CGI movie nowadays. Hopefully, Walt's legacy will go back to its roots.
  • Now here is a good cartoonist

    Walt Disney originally was born in 1901 and a few years later he created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and he then lost the rights to it poor fella and then he created the one who made him famous Mickey Mouse.His cartoons of him were brilliant i don't care how old they are they are still brilliant in a few years later he created Donald Duck which was more successful than Mickey and then put him into Mickey's cartoons then he created Goofy and he was put into Mickey's cartoons as well a few years later they got seperate cartoons of there own he made the Mickey Mouse Club later and he died in 1966. How things sucked when he died cartoons started to suck and they made stuff like Atomic Betty and Bob the Builder and also his beloved characters have been ruined and Daisy Duck has been turned into a nice gentle duck into a retarded selfish duck and Mickey Mouse into a jerk and made Goofy more retarded than he is. Don't watch any of today's Mickey cartoons except House of Mouse and thanks to today's cartoons people are thinking this is what Mickey Mouse is like. Luckily i got the Vintage Mickey dvd which is Region 1 and have'nt been able to play it until i got the Multi Region DVD Player and they are the best cartoons i have seen in years i know many people did'nt like Plane Crazy but give it a second chance and you'll see it's good it is like an adult cartoon and many more watch the old ones not the current ones and if you live in the UK and have a Multi Region DVD Player go on amazon.co.uk if they have it and buy the thing it's good it's better than today's Mickey Mouse cartoons.
  • Creator of so many classic movies and the founder of Disneyland and Disney World

    Walt Disney is a genius, he created a ton of classic movies, opened theme parks Disneyland and Disney World, as well as some in other countries, and made countless disney shows. Some of his classics include: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Damations, just to name a few, even though he is gone, he lives on in all of the great disney movies that have been and will be released.
  • He is the moqul famous founder the best kid movies production company ever!!!

    Walt Disney is our childhood. Our past. Our present. Our future. Wlat Disney is moqul famous kid movie producer who will be known and is known throughout his death. His movies are phononials and classics to come to present age. Through the years he has made us laugh, cry, cheer, and experience the magic. Walt Disney's movies are the best and perfect and continue to be. Everyone knows him. Hes won millions of awards, Emmys, and fans when he was alive to even his death. His company is still running even throughout his and after his death. Walt Disney first made the popular and famous Mickey Mouse who we came to know through the years and touched everybody's hearts. Then he made Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and the rest of the Mickey gang. Mickey Mouse is Disney's personah who when we see Mickey we all think of Walt Disney. His movies and works and artwork are excellent, classic, and mouqul through the past years to the present. Walt Disney will always be the best!!!
  • very Talented.

    I think he is really talented. he created one of the best movie companys of this time. i love disney movies. it's just such a great company and makes so many of my very favorite movies. but if walt disney was still alive i bet he would be very proud of where his company has gotten today.

    I Love most of the Disney movies.
  • he created one of the best movie company in history

    i think he is really talented. he created one of the best movie companys of this time. i love disney movies. it's just such a great company and makes so many of my very favorite movies. but if walt disney was still alive i bet he would be very proud of where his company has gotten today