Walt Frazier

Walt Frazier


3/29/1945, Atlanta, Georgia

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Walt Frazier


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Walt Frazier was born and raised in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. After attending Southern Illinois University, Frazier decided to join the NBA. As the fifth pick in the 1967 NBA draft, Frazier was chosen by the New York Knicks, the team he would be part of, winning…more


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    • Frazier: When you're playing him it's like going through the tunnel of love. All you feel is hands, knees and elbows all over you.

    • Frazier: The best players I ever saw. The best players I can ever imagine. Oscar Robertson and Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar...These were all players who could dominate the game from their positions, whatever positions they played. At any point, these six could simply take the game over, and change its direction. They could all do many different things...These guys were supermen, and they would have been the best no matter when they played. They not only had incredible natural talent, they worked at it too.

    • Frazier: This is the golden age of sports.

    • Frazier: Red always instructed us to hit the open man. That night I was the open man.

    • Frazier: They have to get along. Marbury wants to win. He came up to me on the plane and pointed to my [1973 championship] ring and said, 'I want what you have.' Besides, the guy has skills; he can get to the basket against anyone.

    • Frazier: Red would get in your face. But not in the press.