Walter Hill





1/10/1942 , Long Beach, California, USA

Birth Name

Walter Wesley Hill




Walter Hill is an American screenwriter, producer and director born in 1942. Hill was born in Long Beach, California and suffered from asthma as a child and missed a lot of school. His asthma prevented him from playing sports or being active with friends, so he concentrated on reading and listening to radio shows. These activities piqued his interest in film making. Some of his earliest work include Hard Times and rewrites of Alien, The Driver and The Warriors. In the 1980's Hill began directing Western films and started with The Long Riders. He also directed 48Hours, Streets of Fire, Extreme Prejudice and Johnny Handsome. As his career continued, his passion for Westerns began to grow. In the 1990's, he directed several Westerns including, Geronimo, Last Man Standing and the television series, Deadwood. Hill is married to Hildy Gottlieb and lives in lives in New York with his wife and two daughters.