Walter Jones

Walter Jones


11/30/1970, Detroit, MI, USA

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Walter Emauel Jones, Walter Emmanuel Jones, Walter Emanuel Jones
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Trivia and Quotes

  • The best black ranger.

    When I was a kid, I remember watching the Power Rangers. I have to say that no other black ranger is as good as the original black ranger played by Walter Jones. He simply was a perfect fit and he was one of the best power rangers of all time. After the original cast was broken up, the series was never as good. Walter was a key member of the core that made the show a hit to begin with. I have seen him in other works and I have to say that he is good in other shows as well. Thank you.moreless
  • One of the greatest actor ever.

    What can I say he is one of the all time greatest actor.When I first saw him.It was when the original power rangers first came on tv.He first play the Black Ranger.Yeah he was pretty cool.Than when Space Cases used to be on.He was on that show.I used to watched that show as well.He was good than.But than later on after Space Cases got cancel I don't know where he was than.I guess I didn't keep track of him and where he is at the moment or what show he is on right now.While his counterpart Johnny Yong Bosh replace him as the black ranger and does Voice Acting.I still think Walter Jones is one of the all time greatest.moreless