Walter Payton

Walter Payton


7/25/1954, South Barrington, Illinois



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Walter J. Payton, Sweetness
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  • Walter Payton was a football player for the Chicago Bears who played his entire career there. During the time he was there he amassed amazing records. And he led his team to an eventual Superbowl Championship. He led the way for so many others to follow.moreless

    In my own words this isnt anything we already dont know. He was an amazing guy on and off the field. Looking back and watching him on film he did all the things that were asked of him and more. He put bigger stronger guys on there butts. He was a powerful blocker on offense. He also prided himself on the the little things. If you need just a yard on one play he would get you five or ten yards easy. His workout routines were intense and would leave you breathless. He would climb the highest hills and would burn you out in practices. I think what it all comes down to and what im trying to say. Is if you ever wanted to make a team he would be the first person you pick cause of all the tools he brings to the table. There is noone better then Sweetness the ultimate football player to ever play. Rip Walter we still miss you (July 25, 1954 – November 1, 1999)moreless