Walter Pidgeon

Walter Pidgeon


9/23/1897, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada



Birth Name

Walter Davis Pigeon


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Walter Davis (Pigeon) Pidgeon began his career, in entertainment, not as an actor, but as a vocalist. Pidgeon moved from his native Canada around 1920 to study voice at the New England Conservatory Of Music in Boston. After leaving the Conservatory, Pidgeon did musical theater for several years,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Walter Pidgeon was an avid collector of limericks.

    • Walter Pidgeon was called "Pidge" by his closest friends.

    • Walter Pidgeon worked in banking for a short period after leaving World War One military service. However, Pidgeon soon realized that only a career in acting and vocals was truly going to work for him.

    • Walter Pidgeon was honored by the Screen Actors Guild with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1975.

    • Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson were a screen couple in eight different films during the 1940s.

    • Walter Pidgeon was notorious in Hollywood for never being able to remember names. He had the habit of calling everyone by the name of "Joe". As a practical joke, several of Pidgeon's friends had a chair made up with the name "Joe Pidgeon" written in place of "Walter Pidgeon" and replaced his on-set chair with the "Joe" one. Pidgeon thought the joke was hilarious.

    • Walter Pidgeon had the nickname of "MGM's Perfect Gentleman" in Hollywood.

    • Walter Pidgeon, at one time, used the stage name of Walter Verne.

    • Walter Pidgeon was a big supporter of the Canadian military efforts during World War Two. Pidgeon made trips to Canada in 1942 and 1943 to bolster spirits and raise funds for the Canadian soldiers by touring the country with The Victory Loan Shows.

    • Walter Pidgeon was asked by The National Film Board Of Canada, in 1963, to be the narrator of a documentary , being produced by the Film Board to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Canadian Film Industry. Pidgeon accepted and considered it one of the great honors of his career.

    • Walter Pidgeon was nominated for an Academy Award twice, both times, as leading man, opposite leading lady, Greer Garson. The two films that Pidgeon was nominated for were, Mrs. Miniver and Madame Curie. Both nominations for Pidgeon, were as Best Actor.

    • Walter Pidgeon's education was interrupted at the University of New Brunswick, where hw was studying law and drama, by the advent of World War One. Pidgeon enlisted in the 65th Battery of the Royal Canadian Artillery. However, Pidgeon never saw any actual combat during World War One, due to the fact, that he was nearly mortally injured at boot camp when caught between two weapons carriages. Pidgeon spent almost a year and a half in the hospital and was discharged from military service when, he was finally released from the hospital.

    • Walter Pidgeon's body was donated to the UCLA Medical School for medical research, after his death from a stroke in 1984.

    • Walter Pidgeon has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Mr. Pidgeon's star is located at 6414 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Walter Pidgeon began his career in musical theater. He was the featured baritone in The Puzzles Of 1925, on Broadway. Pidgeon was also nominated for a Tony Award in 1960, for Best Actor in a Musical, for the production of Take Me Along.

    • Walter Pidgeon became President of the Screen Actors Guild in 1952 and served in that capacity until 1957.

    • Walter Pidgeon's first wife, Muriel Pickles, died giving birth to his daughter, Edna. Pidgeon later married Ruth Walker. Walker had been Pidgeon's secretary before their marriage in 1931. Pidgeon and Walker remained married for over fifty years, until his death in 1984. Walker and Pidgeon had no children together.

  • Quotes

    • (Walter Pidgeon's comments about Hollywood during the Golden Years.)
      Walter Pidgeon: It was like an expensive, beautifully run, fan club. You didn't need to carry money. Your face was your credit card-all over the world.

    • Walter Pidgeon: I was like a kept woman during my twenty-one years at MGM.