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  • movie saver.

    Ok, there are tons of comedic actors and actresses out there, but not many that can actually make a BAD movie funny. I first noticed Wanda Sykes on Comdey central in one of her many acts. shes halarious onstage and i was just dying for a movie to come out of this. She worked with amazing co stars in Down to Earth. She was GREAT along side of chris rock and made the show that much better. When i went to see evan almighty I have to say i was disappointed. I happen to love steve carell but this movie just wasnt doing it, and yet EVERY line wanda sykes had was amazing and perfect. Her and Jonah hill saved that movie.
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    I really enjoy the look of Wanda. She is an attractive woman. Her stand-up humor is fine, though more Liberal in style. She has a more sarcastic approach in acting and comedy. Her voice is unique. According to the Wikipedia site she has won an Emmy, but I haven't seen her go in either direction with emotion on the big screen. Even her characters tend to be consistently the same. She tends to have an angry or frustrated emotion to everything.