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Warren Brothers

Warren Brothers


Tampa Florida

Birth Name

Brett Warren and Brad Warren


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Brett and Brad were born in Tampa, Fla., but moved to Nashville where they worked gigs in bars. They have written songs for Tim McGraw (this includes "Blank Sheet of Paper" from Tim's new album, "Live Like You Were Dying"), and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their new video is "Change"…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • No one plays their music...It really devastates me. They deserve WAY better.

    Ever since I discovered the Duo, I've been head ove heels for them. I especially love thier latest song, Change. It is like...So well done. The video is great too.

    I feel bad for them because the radios never play their songs...Well, at least mine doesn't. I think they deserve so much better then they are getting. They really are good entertainers.

    I actually saw them in concert 3 days ago. I will admit that I cried when they came on stage. I am one of those people who number my favorites and they are my 4th...OUt of everyone in country music. Being in the same place as someone that special to me just seemed so sureal...And they DEFINATLY did not disapoint me. They did soooo good!moreless