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Warren Kole

Warren Kole


9/23/1977, San Antonio, Texas

Birth Name



Also Known As

Warren Blosjo
  • Jack McGee, Warren Kole, and Michael Eal...
  • Jack McGee, Warren Kole, and Michael Eal...
  • Warren Kole and Michael Ealy on Common Law
  • Warren Kole on Common Law
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  • Man, was he hot or not.

    When looking him up, I was surprised to see he is 32. Boy, this guy knows how to keep young.

    Anyway, Warren currently plays agent Gedge on Fox's hit, 24, and he is also on the upcoming show Mental.

    You may say I'm superficial, but he is really good-looking, suriously, 24 has alway found a way to locate some really hot guys in the business, like former 24 cast Eric Balfour, Zachary Quito and Eric Lively, and now Warren.

    I have always been a fan of Mr. Sutherland, now there is more reasons to watch show, and sure I will keep a tab on Warren. Hope he can score some bit time roles in the future.moreless