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    • Warren: It just makes me feel like I worked hard to get to where I am right now, that I took a very unconventional route to get to the NFL first, then kind of reestablished myself, had a pretty productive career.

    • Warren: (On getting a Superbowl ring) One last goal that I had left to accomplish in my career. Unfortunately, it never happened. But I'll tell you what: I did try.

    • Warren: I just know that nothing was really given to me, that I really worked hard for it, as does every guy work hard in his career to get to this point. I think the way I did it was just a little bit different because of some of the other things I had to overcome that didn't have to do with football. I'm very proud of the fact that I was - not so much that I was undrafted, because I would have loved to have been drafted, but the things I was able to do considering I wasn't drafted and wasn't looked highly upon as an NFL-type player

    • Warren: (On watching the Superbowl)I'm a big fan of spectacles, and I live to go to large sporting events. This ranks right up there with the biggest sporting event of all time, so it's a pleasure to be here.

    • Warren: I think all the guys that have played in the game before me as African- Americans have to share in this a little bit. We've made tremendous strides over the years and I really don't want to make this a racial thing because it shouldn't be. But it is significant because it is the first and I think whenever there is a first it is significant. When Doug Williams was the first African-American quarterback to win a Super Bowl, I think that helped a lot of things as far as young black quarterbacks getting more opportunities. I think this will be significant also. It shows we have arrived at the pinnacle of our sport.

    • Warren: To be voted into the Hall of Fame would be the crown jewel of my career. When I look back at what I overcame and what I was able to accomplish, it would be extra special.

    • Warren: (On getting to Playoff games)I'm not knocking those guys, but they did get their teams here. There's a lot of players and a lot of teams that just don't seem to get this far because it takes a special chemistry to get here.

    • Warren: Some guys are more fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, part of that right chemistry on that right team. And other guys aren't. You look at Ernie Banks in baseball - he never even played in a playoff game his whole career

    • Warren: (On getting a Superbowl ring)You look at me -- I played 17 years and didn't get one. That had a lot to do with how long I played. I was still chasing that elusive.

    • Warren: (On Ben Roethisberger and Matt Leinart) Ben is so young, and he has so much to learn. Matt has arrived. But for the future, I would rather have Ben because of where he is going to go. His future is unlimited

    • Warren: When you make a big jump, that's when you create leadership opportunities.