Warren S. Murray

Warren S. Murray

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Warren Murray
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  • pencisl and life of many

    hwllo my name is mildred and i love pencils and i was just ticked off when my pencil lead beroke and uhh kjust unbelivable i was so fkusted and goodness dewitt whereis my god dang pencil i am applalled and iwasnt to kill all of these people that flusdtff fdfdf
  • Warren S. Murray. He loves his Happy Days. He loves his Jewish New York life style, and he lllooovveeess his midget wife. Don\'t tick em off or he\'ll kick you the fuck out of honors. He\'ll SEE TO IT. Don\'t sneeze in his precence, and watch yehselfinhismoreless

    Will nature make a man of him yet ?

    When in this charming car

    This charming man

    Why pamper life’s complexities

    When the leather runs smooth

    On the passenger seat ?

    he would go out tonight

    But he hasn’t got a stitch to wear

    This man said it’s gruesome

    That someone so handsome should care

    Wawren come down stayuhs and finish your pastah.