Warren Sapp

Warren Sapp


12/19/1972, Plymouth, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Warren Carlos Sapp


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Warren is a football player, who served as the defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1995 until 2003, then for the Oakland Raiders from 2004 until 2007. In early 2008, Warren announced his retirement from professional football in two simple words, "I'M DONE!". Now retired, Warren…more


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    • Warren: Every defensive tackle that's drafted in the top five is supposed to be the next (me). All of them have that tag. ... I've played the game pretty well, so if I'm the standard by which (they'll) be judged, that's tough, because I'd like to relive that guy, too. He's a bad boy. He's dead now. I give you flashes of him every now and then but, nah, that guy was sick.

    • Warren: (on joining Showtime's Inside the NFL) This is a dream job, It's the job I've always talked about wanting after my playing career. Inside the NFL has been a staple of television for a long time. The show digs deeper into the games and the issues surrounding the league more than any other football show out there. I think this new approach will be fresh. For my part, I just came off the field and I've got 13 years of experience in the trenches to bring to the table.

    • Warren: I've got nothing to prove.

    • Warren: Chicks dig the long ball. The wide receivers have always been prima donnas and pretty boys. They are big-time players. The thing with (Terrell) Owens is he makes so much noise, it's like an empty wagon going down the road. Just go play.