Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady


6/2/1972, Orlando, Florida, U.S.

Birth Name

Wayne Alphonso Brady


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Wayne Brady graduated from Dr. Phillips High School at the age of 16. He began performing at SAK Comedy Lab, a comedy club in central Florida. He then developed acting skills in Los Angeles, California in 1996 and he started starring "In Whose Line Is It Anyway." He…more


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  • Wayne Brady's in-store performace at Virgin Megastore Hollywood as a musiscian

    he is such a great comedian and i am excited to hear what his CD is going to be like. Wayne Brady is having an in-store performance and CD signing at Virgin Megastore Hollywood on Tuesday Sept 16th at 6pm - it is going to be awesome. Someone that can host shows, make everyone laugh on-stage, and now put out a CD with a music career is beyond talented. This album is going to be truly original and i am sure he will have a great stage presence. If he can work a stage with his comic acts, i know he'll be a great live performer for music too.moreless
  • It's amazeing how he comes up with that stuff on the top of his head he's just great!!!!

    Wayne Brady is just amazeing!! how he comes up with that stuff on the top of his head is out of this world. He not only is very talented on Whose Line Is It Any Way for his personality but he can also sing very good. He has also proven that he is not one of these one track guys that has to be funny all of the time, as shown on Don't Forget The Lyrics, and the Wayne Brady Show. When it's all said and done there is not a lot of guys who can stack up to Mr. Wayne Brady.moreless