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  • Wayne Brady's in-store performace at Virgin Megastore Hollywood as a musiscian

    he is such a great comedian and i am excited to hear what his CD is going to be like. Wayne Brady is having an in-store performance and CD signing at Virgin Megastore Hollywood on Tuesday Sept 16th at 6pm - it is going to be awesome. Someone that can host shows, make everyone laugh on-stage, and now put out a CD with a music career is beyond talented. This album is going to be truly original and i am sure he will have a great stage presence. If he can work a stage with his comic acts, i know he'll be a great live performer for music too.
  • It's amazeing how he comes up with that stuff on the top of his head he's just great!!!!

    Wayne Brady is just amazeing!! how he comes up with that stuff on the top of his head is out of this world. He not only is very talented on Whose Line Is It Any Way for his personality but he can also sing very good. He has also proven that he is not one of these one track guys that has to be funny all of the time, as shown on Don't Forget The Lyrics, and the Wayne Brady Show. When it's all said and done there is not a lot of guys who can stack up to Mr. Wayne Brady.
  • I, particularly, like the family , nice guy persona of Wayne Brady. I am glad to know that there are still good Afro-American men besides my father.

    I, particularly, like the family , nice guy persona of Wayne Brady. I am glad to know that there are still good Afro-American men besides my father. Like others I like Brady's clean humor. I think that creative humor is missing today. Oftentimes, I think performers assume the joke is better if relayed in a crude manner. I think it is refreshing to be able to enjoy a laugh without the explicative. Kudos to you and keep up the good work. Also The link below states that he is now divorced from his wife. I wish him luck .

  • One of the most unique talents to come down the pike in several years, Wayne Brady is an all-around perfomer: singing, dancing, acting(both comedic and dramatic) as well as a nice guy.

    Wayne first came to national attention on the improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where his ability to think up song lyrics on the spot and his impressions of people like Stevie Wonder and Bill Cosby made him popular. He soon became a regular , even getting a game designed just for him called 'Showstopping Number.; and would branch out into his own variety show and later his own talk show. He has a natural charisma that is readily apparent, but also seems humble and a bit embarrased by the attention he has recieved. Hopefully soon he will get to star in a show that will showcase all of his many talents.
  • How does he do it?

    I know of Wayne Brady from Whose Line is it Anyway, where he makes up songs in a snap of your fingers. It's amazing that this is an improve show, because it seems as if he knows what's going to happen next. He is very talented with quick thinking, but I only gave him an 8 because there is something that really annoys me about him. The thing that annoys me is that he is a real show-off. There is a line between entertainer, and show-off. That is the only thing that I wish he didn't do, but if he didn't, I would say he deserves a 10 for singing.
  • Very talented man!

    Wayne Brady deserves an award for his outstanding and funny performances on Whose Line Is It Anyways! He is HiLaRiOuS!! He comes up with brilliant and funny songs on the show and can act like nobody's business. I also loved the episode of The Chappelle Show he was on! He is a fantastic actor IMO 10/10 A+++
  • Is one funny comic

    I first saw Wayne Brade in the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" It was in watching this show that I saw what a funny comic he is and how much talent the man has. What I really enjoy about watching Wayne perfom is how I find it amazing that he is able to think up a song or a joke right off the top of his head, and is able to make the end result very humorous. The skits that he does on Whose Line that are my favorite are when he sings the "greatest hits" of a certain situation, or occupation, and when he and the other performers play "weird newscasters", when he plays some wacky sports anchor. With his talents in comedy and with his ability to sing very well, I think that Wayne has the ability to be in show business for years to come.
  • One of the best comedians!

    Woah! Wayne Brady is so talented! I love the way he makes up his songs on the spot and is also rhymes and means something! He is amazing and very quick witted. Wish i had his talent......haha no chance.
    Sounds a bit like the rocker Lenny Kravits who is also awesome.I think he would also be a great musician!
  • Funny, funny man

    Wayne Brady is a funny, funny man. His ability to think so quickly on is feet and general sense of humor make him a great comic. His talk show wasn't his best work but funny nevertheless. I liked him best in Who's Line Is It Anyway, a role he won an Emmy for. Wayne was also great as a guest star on Reno 911, American Dreams, and Stargate SG-1. He's also a great guest to have on the various late shows and a great writer on The Wayne Brady Show. He is a great all around actor and writer.
  • Funny Brady

    Wayne brady is one of the funniest blacks ever. He's talented and has been on almost every episode of " Whose Line is It Anyway " Everybody should be a Wayne Brady fan! Even animals. Whose line is it anyway was made popular ( and don't forget funny ) by our hero, Wayne Brady!
  • Wayne Brady is like no other...

    Wayne Brady is like no other. I love his work so much. I can't believe he can make up a song on the spot. That is very hard to do. And he's always himself in every way. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lot's of dot's because I can't think of what else to say and there is that whole 100 word minimum. Okay back on topic. *dodges flying garbage* Yes, Wayne Brady is one of a kind and really unique. He is my favorite on Whose Line?


  • now thats funny

    Wayne Brady is hilarious
    i personaly think that Wayne and Collin should make a new comedy show with just them.
    My favorite skit that wayne does is the one when he sings for a commercial CD...if you dont know what im talking about, its the skit that Ryan and Collin introduce when they pretend to be advertising for a CD for a specific topic.
    I also like the skit when they use props....thats some funny stuff out there keep it up guys