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    • Wayne Dalglish: The most memorable thing I have done in "The OC" was I think it was the second episode. I was kind of freaked out but it was really funny. There was this one scene where my twin brother and I were talking to Caitlin. We play water polo and we had to shave our chests. I had to shave my chest on camera but it actually wasn't me who was shaving my chest, it was my brother. I know that the whole crew was cracking up when we were shooting it.

    • Wayne Dalglish: (Talking to the fans of "The O.C.") I would like to say thank you very much and the fans are what makes the whole show. I thank you for all of your support.

    • Wayne Dalglish: (About working with Willa Holland) Getting to work with Willa is awesome, she's really cool. We have a lot of fun and I think she's a really great actress.

    • Wayne Dalglish: (About his character on "The O.C.") I know that mostly he's just following Cailtin around, he's one of her goonies. He just plays an Abercrombie and Fitch type of kid from the O.C. In another episode or an episode later on we just go to parties and stuff like that. We're always just following Caitlin around.

    • Wayne Dalglish: (About his role on "The O.C.") I thought the role would be awesome. I love the role. I thought it was really fun and I knew that "The O.C." is a pretty big show and I thought it would be a great experience. I had a great time and it is a great experience and I thought it was really cool.

    • Wayne Dalglish: I am going to school for film behind the camera. Right now we're writing scripts and I independently shoot it. We're making some shorts and some PSAs for commercials. I also work out all of the time, I am a big workout fanatic. I take martial arts, I stopped competing but I am still doing it. I am always just practicing and keeping up my skills.

    • Wayne Dalglish: The last thing I've been working on is "The O.C." It's pretty cool, I think that it might be the last season but I'm not sure. I play the part of Brad. I have a twin brother and it's kind of cool because I never really have got to do that before. I have a younger brother but playing a twin brother is kind of different.