Wayne Gardner

Wayne Gardner


10/11/1959, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Wayne Michael Gardner



Also Known As

Wayne Michael Gardner, OAM
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    • Wayne (on his experience on Celebrity Survivor): It was one of the most inspiring and pleasurable things I've done in my life because it was cleansing - physically cleansing and mentally cleansing. I loved it. It was unreal.

    • Wayne (on sustaining a serious eye injury on the first night): I walked into a tree stump during the night, because we'd just arrived and there was no lighting around. I was trying to just hold my hand over my eye and do everything one-eyed. I was in quite a lot of pain.

    • Wayne (- on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor): I'm going to miss my family more than anything. I'll also miss my lifestyle and my phone – I live on it! And because I'm an adrenaline junkie, I'm going to miss riding my motorcycle.

    • Wayne (on appearing on Australia's Celebrity Survivor): Maybe 46 isn't as young as some of the other contestants – it could be one of those things, but I think my strengths will probably be what they were in my motorcycling career – my dogged determination, wanting to go and have fun and enjoy an experience that I think is once in a lifetime.

    • Wayne: Some of the best memories of my career are from the early days when I was struggling and I was sleeping in cars and had no money. Of course now, it's a different scenario but I still respect and enjoyed that time so I think this is kind of winding the clock back a bit and doing that again and that for me, is good fun so I'm not scared.

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