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  • I like him!

    With Joey Wheeler and Michelangelo, he gives a lot of enthusiasm to the voices. After just a few episodes, he seemed to already know what he was doing. He had a great accent on Joey and made Michelangelo seem like a crazy monkey (which is how I think he should be). He has the great voice for Syrus Truesdale that fits him very well. When I first saw Syrus he reminded me of myself a few years ago. I was a lot shorter than the other kids and I had a high soft voice. The voice he gives is almost exactly how I sounded. So, whenever I watch the show, it’s like having me in the story. I like Wayne!
  • Wayne Grayson is a 4KIDS Voice Actor!

    Wayne Grayson is a very talented voice actor for 4KIDS Entertainment and voices many different characters in many different animes! He voices characters such as Joey Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Syrus Truesdale from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX [Generation NeXt], Michealangelo in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also voiced Lance in Pokémon as well as many other characters in many other anime's!
  • really good

    i love this person because he does the voice of Michaelangelo in teenage mutant. i mean he has litually captured the voice of Michaelangelo. he makes the character funny the way he speaks and the funny noices that he makes when he is getting attacked. i dont think any other person can do the voice to Michaelangelo like he can. i mean other people can do the voice to Michaelangelo but not as good as good as what Wayne Grayson can do. my favorate character is still Michaelangelo and will always be forever. thank you if you read this review
  • It must've been fun voice acting Mikey, but all I want to know, if that when he get's wacked in the head, that people around you get to wack you in the head aswell. as a fun freindly way, *cough*

    Woh, I knew he was Michaelangelo from TmnT, but not as Joey Wheeler. Now I love you, I love the stupid idiots in cartoons everyone laughs at for only one reason. Well, I find Mikey's script allot better, but his cartoon jokes are getting out of hand.
    It must've been fun voice acting Mikey, but all I want to know, if that when he get's wacked in the head, that people around you get to wack you in the head aswell. as a fun freindly way, *cough*
    I think you should have more roles in the cartoon industry, and tell the guy who did Harry Champ in Zoids, that he should not voice act serious main characters because he just ruined that whole series. He was better as Harry Champ.
  • Grayson is an undeniably talented voice actor with credits to his name like Pokemon's Brock, Yu-gi-oh's Joey Wheeler and Ninja Turtles' Michaelango.

    Grayson never fails to make me smile. He brings his characters to life with such originality and personality he deserves his own show/forum to do so in a big way! He has a gift for adding a lovability to characters which would otherwise come across as either goofy or irritating. With Grayson at the helm, you get a winner every time!
  • One of the greatest voice actors out there. Definately the best currently employed by 4kids.

    Out of all the talented voice actors out there, hands-down, Wayne Grayson is my all-time favorite. His performance on yugioh is absolutely brilliant. Even if Joey were his only role, he'd still be brilliant. As just that one character, he's put on an accent, played 2 personalities (one of which was insanely EVIL) been in love... I could keep going on and on.
    I think the most remarkable thing about Grasyon is that all of his roles, both yugioh and other, sound so different. Joey, Shadi, Dartz, Roland, (yugioh) Michaelangelo, (TMNT) Django, (One Piece) Tokegeroh, (Shaman King) and countless others.
  • I'd have to say that Wayne provides my one of my favorite animé voice to my favorite animé show, Yu-Gi-Oh! It's incredible how much he added to the character, Joey Wheeler, as well as giving part of Joey's personality to Michaelango on TMNT.


    I don't know where to start. Mostly what I can say about Wayne Grayson is that his voice for Joey Wheeler is one of the reasons I watch the show... besides the storyline, of course. He brings so much to the show and makes Joey unlike any other character I've had "grow on me".
    Luckily with Yu-Gi-Oh on hiatus, there's always the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to look forward to. He provides the voice for Michaelango and also gave him some of Joey's personality. While I'm missing Joey because of hiatus or his character being out of commition, I can watch Michaelango and still hang onto "the essence" that Wayne Grayson gives Joey.
  • Great brooklyn accent!

    He is such a great voice actor. He plays Joey Wheeler on Yu-Gi-Oh very well. Giving Joey a brooklyn accent was hilarious. Him playing Dartz was genius. He totally lands the part. I don't have more to say since those are the only things I know about Wayne. In the fall, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX premieres. I hope Wayne (without his brooklyn accent) or Sean Schemmel plays the character Misawa.