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  • I'd have to say that Wayne provides my one of my favorite animé voice to my favorite animé show, Yu-Gi-Oh! It's incredible how much he added to the character, Joey Wheeler, as well as giving part of Joey's personality to Michaelango on TMNT.


    I don't know where to start. Mostly what I can say about Wayne Grayson is that his voice for Joey Wheeler is one of the reasons I watch the show... besides the storyline, of course. He brings so much to the show and makes Joey unlike any other character I've had "grow on me".
    Luckily with Yu-Gi-Oh on hiatus, there's always the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to look forward to. He provides the voice for Michaelango and also gave him some of Joey's personality. While I'm missing Joey because of hiatus or his character being out of commition, I can watch Michaelango and still hang onto "the essence" that Wayne Grayson gives Joey.