Wayne Pygram

Wayne Pygram


10/13/1959, Cootamundra, Australia

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Wayne Pygram
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Wayne Pygram Has been an Australian stage and screen actor for nearly twenty years. Although he has appeared in movies and TV shows that made it to the US, most Americans are most familiar with his performance as the infamous Scorpius on Farscape. Australian and Canadian fans might…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2002, Wayne did a commercial for Nutrigrain and in 2001, he also did a commercial for Four and Twenty as a worker.

    • At the Farscape conventions Wayne often hands out Scorpius T-Shirts to the fans.

    • In 1981 and in 1982 Wayne performed on stage in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Dr. Scott.

    • During his days on Farscape, Wayne had some skin irritations wearing all that facial make-up which normally only took an hour but after a few years due to his reaction it now took only Forty minutes. Wayne was very surprised.

    • In an interview, Wayne jokingly stated that he wanted to ride the biggest roller coaster in Australia.

    • Wayne enjoys watching others' performances rather than his own because he works in isolation most of the times.

    • Wayne has attended every convention for Farscape because it makes him feel happy seeing his old friends and fans.

    • In 2007, Wayne became a father to a baby boy, he couldn't stop talking about him at a Farscape convention because he was so proud and excited for becoming a father.

    • Wayne was diagnosed with Celiac disease which is an intolerance for gluten.

    • Wayne taught primary school for two years before realizing that acting and music was more of his calling to him.

    • Wayne expressed how that one day he would like to retire in a Spanish-style adobe house.

    • Wayne played Australian League when he was a young man. In 1975 he went State at Riverina High. And later, he played for the Wagga Magpies and Turvey Park of Group Nine. Some of his mates at that time went on to be famous players in Australia.

    • His musical career includes being a member of the techno project Kix, the rock 'n roll band Horse, the jazz band Total Fire Band and the rock-a-billy band Technocrats. Pygram plays the drums in a band named Signal Room along with his co-star from Farscape, Anthony Simcoe.

    • Wayne hobbies include swimming and body surfing. Wayne is an accomplished drummer and harmonica player. The TV series F Troop and Avengers is among Wayne's favorite shows. This is Spinal Tap is his favorite movie. His favorite book is The Dictionary.

    • Wayne was an Australian League player in his younger days.

    • After doing theatre work for several years, Wayne learned how to act infront of a camera on the Australian series Fire.

    • Wayne's height is 6' (1.83 m).

    • Wayne says that "the grim reaper with brains" was on his mind when he started working on his character Scorpius from the series Farscape.

    • Wayne mentions 'never being late for a call' as his greatest professional accomplishment.

    • He prefers to listen to The LP Growers of Mushroom by Leafhound.

  • Quotes

    • Wayne: (Tells how his audition went for Farscape all dressed up like Scorpius.) It was very rushed. The building of my prosthetic, like most things, was three days behind schedule, and so my name wasn't on the schedule. No one knew I was coming to do my camera test. I walked onto the floor, and they were shooting. I knew a number of the crew. I slid up to a friend of mine, and just started talking about her children. She didn't know it was me. She didn't know who I was. She just walked away. I could see the look in her eyes. She was very uncomfortable. Then the whole floor stopped. It was in between takes. Everyone came over and wanted to have a look at this thing in black. When I spoke to my friend, it was very empowering, very liberating. I grew six inches. She was quite spooked by it all, so I knew that I don't have to do much. I had it from that day.

    • Wayne: (About playing an villain on Farscape.) Every show needs a villain to drive the drama and I can safely say from an actor's perspective it is one of the more satisfying roles to have.

    • Wayne: (About acting in general) It's a funny thing, because a lot of times on the floor you think something is going to be weak, or it isn't satisfying, they turn out remarkable.

    • Wayne: (Talking about watching Farscape.) I get uncomfortable watching it, because of all the torture with John. I think that's good. It gives it a real edge and a darkness.

    • Wayne: (Speaking of his role as Scorpius on Farscape.) His cutting is so deep because he's faced the worse kind of things like torture and pain in his life. But pain and torture means nothing to him.

    • Wayne: (Tells how he felt when hearing about the cancellation of Farscape.) Your lover leaves, but she comes back every night, wants to stay, gets up the next morning and says no, I made the right decision, I'm gone. The same thing would happen again, and again. I've never seen so many grown men in tears. It meant a lot to everyone, which was great. It was our family.

    • Wayne: (Wayne tells what made him want to be an actor.) It's just purely fantasy with me. I'm an untrained actor. Everyone thinks I'm trained, and I've done all the Shakespeare and all that stuff, but I really just invented myself as an actor and that's how I work.

    • Wayne Pygram: The prospect of working in leather, latex and crocodile has always appealed to me, the pain and the pleasure.

    • Wayne Pygram: When I joined Farscape my mission was to make Scorpius irresistible, he was initially only meant to appear in four episodes but my attitude was that I'm going to make this cake so good they will want more.

    • Wayne Pygram: The only time I'm ever aprehensive in auditions is when the shoes are not meant for me but as soon as I received my pages for screen test for Scorpius I felt a certain affinity to the character.

    • Wayne Pygram: (About what he would like to change about his physical appearance) That I'm losing my hair. It's in fact a neatly managed look, to garner a toe-hold in a certain area of the character acting market.

  • Wayne brings something Very Different....

    Wayne brings something to drama that I've not seen many others do in Years. There is something special, a spark that he has. He seems to understand his role and give it an extra flame, a depth, a mystery. That is what keeps me watching Wayne.. what he knows about the character and keeps to himself.. bringing it out at just the right moments. A quite unusual actor. In all Ive seen of him, he remains different from those around him. Most actors are clearly pretty see-through in their portrayal but Wayne keeps you guessing. His depth shows a passion for his roles. Maybe it is his musical background that gives him this, knowing that each tiny nuance in music is vitally important to the complete creation. As a musician Wayne chooses to play the drums, the heartbeat of any band. This shows that he can be the backbone, the constant in the artistic venture. He can constantly be there, be heard even in the background and then suddenly come through and overwhelm the song completely with all focus on him for a moment. I see him do the same thing with acting. I really appreciate the way Wayne goes after his dreams when he works with his art. I do think that he could be an even greater star if given the chance to do more work in more interesting Dramas and challenging shows. From the norm to the fantastic, Wayne can certainly remain the Drums to the Drama.moreless