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  • Competent Surgeon

    He represented the surgeon you would want working on you ... dispenses with formality and gets to the point, all with a great sense of humor, sure of his craft.
  • He should have been on Mash longer, and should have been in more shows.

    He really did a great job with the Trapper John character. He was funnier than than the character that preceeded him. He was funnier than Alan Alda was, and probably even a better actor, not to take away from Alda or any other charcter on that TV series. I think he was way underused after he left Mash, even if he was a type cast, he still could have been great in other shows. He still was good hosting the Mash Marathon today, and he is a much older man now. The character was very likeable, some of it was from the writers but mostly from the way he played the character.