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    Hey, I'm Gilmoreism, the editor for Weezer currently. I'm going to put up some information for anyone else who wants to make submissions here so that you will understand why I reject some of your stuff and tell you to resubmit it.

    Formatting for songs: Quotation Marks go around songs.

    Formatting for band names: Nothing! It's name, it does not belong in italics, in quotations marks or in bold, Just write the name.

    Formatiting album names: Italics. This does not apply to The Blue Album, because that is not the actual title but just a nickname. So that would not be italicized because the actual name of the album is Weezer. So when referring to The Blue or Green Album you need to either reference the year or include Blue or Green so that the album is known.

    Formatting for quotes: Need to be set up the same way as a show. So bold the person's name, put a colon ( : ) and follow the colon with a space and then the words, no quotation marks necessary. If they reference a certain album or Song it needs to be formatted as listed above.

    All right well I don't know if I'll see anyone submitting but I wanted to have this in the event that some one does.
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