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    • Rivers: (about writing the hit song "Say it Ain't So") I was strumming those chords and just scatting some melodies and lyrics over it and then the Chorus came out "Say it Ain't So" okay so there, I have the music and this one lyric "Say it Ain't So", Now what am I saying that to? and uh, somehow I must have made the connection to this incident when I was in high school of coming home and seeing a bottle of beer in the fridge. For most people that wouldn't be that much of a cause for distress, but I had it stuck in my mind that my parents split up when I was four because my dad had become an alcoholic. So now I see a beer in my fridge suddenly out of no where. It's not mine, It's not my brothers, It's not my Mom's, It's gotta be my step-Dad's. So this means therefore that he's becoming an alcoholic, and my parents are gonna split up. This is bad. So I wrote the song about that moment of seeing that beer. It was only many years later that my mother told me, "What are you talking about? Your dad wasn't an alcoholic. He didn't drink." I was kind of embarassed at that point, and had to apologize to everyone concerned.