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  • She's back!

    ...if she ever really left...

    But Wendie Malick was one of the really bright spots in "Just Shoot Me". In fact, her Hot in Cleveland semi-star character is not unlike her hot semi-star model character in Just Shoot Me, and once again she has a great cast surrounding her.

    I know she did lots of guest shots over the intervening years, on a lot of series I didn't watch. But I'm glad to see her back full time, in a good if formulaic comedic role in "Cleveland".

    I think her timing and delivery makes her better than most of today's "comic actors" and I am enjoying that finesse. While "Cleveland" is not brain surgery, it is an evening's respite from the drudgery. And that's all TV can ever be anyway. Glad we're back to pros like Wendie to deliver the respite!
  • She is so great

    Wendie malick may look like she is not good but she is awsome could pick anyone funnier then this gal she is great i wish people can recognize her talent she may look old (no offense) but she still got the working mojo i think she deserves more tv time