Wendy Crewson

Wendy Crewson


5/9/1956, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Wendy Jane Crewson


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Wendy Crewson was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She attended Westwood Collegiate and was first exposed to acting when she performed in The Boy Friend in grade 10. Crewson attended Queens University in Kingston, Ontario where she won the prestigious Lorne Greene Award for outstanding work in the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Wendy was featured on the cover of issue 415 of Canadian magazine Frank on November 11, 2003.

    • Wendy crewson is a member of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists).

    • Wendy won Gemini Awards for her role in At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story and for 'Best Actress in a Dramatic Series' for her work on Due South. Wendy's role as a regular on Home Fires won her an ACTRA Award (Canada's Emmy) as 'Best Actress in a Television Drama'.

    • Wendy is the patron of the Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based Betty's Run for ALS. ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is often known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

    • Wendy's dad was in the farm implement business, so the family moved around a lot but whenever there was an opportunity, Wendy appeared in school plays.

    • Wendy's height is 5' 9" (1.75 m)

    • Wendy Crewson is good friends with actor Harrison Ford.

    • Wendy and her actor husband Michael Murphy have two children, Jack Murphy (b.1992) and Maggie Murphy (b. 1989).

    • Wendy has played presidential love interests on both Tanner '88 and 24. In the movie Air Force One, she played the president's wife.

  • Quotes

    • Wendy Crewson: I'm passionate about being Canadian. I take great pride in our Canadian liberalism and acceptance; that my agent could marry his boyfriend without hassle. Canadians should take pride in our forward-thinking, our acceptance and understanding of life and people.

    • Wendy Crewson: Because I am away a lot, I make a point of making dinner every night when I'm home. We sit together, often in the dining room, light the candles and play music. A tiny section of the day where we're all together. We talk and can hang out for at least half an hour together, we all really like it.

    • Wendy Crewson (On co-star Harrison Ford): He's got the devil in his eyes. You don't see that impishness on screen but he's got a wild side.

    • Wendy Crewson: In Los Angeles, you have to be 22. I'm busted. They're all Botoxed and pulled. They all look like they're from Atlantis. Like they've come up out of the ocean. This is my tribe. I've always spent a lot of time here. There's something very comforting about being in Toronto

    • Wendy Crewson: I'm really a suburban housewife but I have this secret life as an actress and I get to run off and kiss Harrison Ford and then come back home and make peanut butter sandwiches.

    • Wendy Crewson (On Tupac Shakur, who she worked with on the film 'Gang Related'): It was stunning because you looked at this kid and you think well, there's a kid that got out - he's talented, he's smart - but no. I thought it was very tragic.

    • Wendy Crewson (On Harrison Ford): He's cool. He does have a sense of humour. But after all, he is Harrison Ford. When I went in for the audition, he was there, of course. With a ball cap on, behind shades. I was intimidated for a minute, and then I thought, `Hey, wait a minute my husband and I know Woody Allen.' So the tension passed.

    • Wendy Crewson: I love Toronto and being back home, but I hate the weather. I've become soft -- too many years on the east bay on San Francisco where it's always 65 degrees ... You forget after awhile how blissful it is.