Wendy Mesley

Wendy Mesley


Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Wendy Mesley began her broadcast journalism career in 1976 as a radio reporter in Toronto. She moved to television in 1979, first with CTV's CFCF in Montreal, then moving to CBC-TV as a legislative reporter for local news and the National, based in Quebec City.
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    Born in lovely Montreal Quebec on January 8th, 1957, Ms. Wendy Mesley comes to us from an environment that endeavors like none other to instill humanistic values and beauty of the spirit. The French have deserved their reputation throughout history for their emphasis on the qualities of sensitivity, humanistic warmth that touches the heart and for honesty in all affairs that need human wisdom and real human goodness of the spirit that flourishes in any area, only in this manner.

    With all this, Ms. Mesley has developed articulation prowess at the anchor desk that is nothing short of incredible in its strength of humanistic beauty that has probably never before been achieved prior to this in the entire history of humans on this planet, without a doubt.

    It takes a great society to make her Princess as alas the truth of our world is that none can tolerate such an example in our midst of supreme goodness and beauty that is not willing to follow in her spirit. However the society that can tolerate and venerate her is the only one that can deserve her, as otherwise the air is filled with detractors always finding fault in that the example is too lofty for ordinary spirited folks with retarded ideas of egalitarian supremacy instead.

    It is my own supreme view that Ms. Mesley has had nothing but career saboteurs leading the way of what she has been given for opportunities thus far. Mainly she has been placed in positions that put a strain on what are her natural god given talents to cater to some idea of a geek god that rules in this country at present giving us a better sense of what we are to be valued for instead.

    The result is nothing short of a complete travesty, to her career prospects in any respect of fairness whatsoever. It should be pointed out that the job of News Anchor should never have to include a just as full responsibility as chief editor unless that combination is contrived simply for the benefit of some other choice than those that would be best at either or both in fact.

    That said, none in our midst anywhere in this planet has better instincts of the best form of journalism that truly serves the human spirit, and the sense of the very greatest empathy, lovely beautiful relatedness of sensibility on all issues that should concern us, an in fact the greatest astuteness you could develop in a human being than what is the god given gift to Miss Wendy Mesley by virtue of her birth into such favorable circumstances as have allowed for her spirit to form and grow as it has.

    Such beauty comes to this earth once and we have no desire to see it wasted as we might all be dead if

    we do. Michael Rizzo Chessman

    fansite co-ordinator http://www.wendymesleyfansite.infomoreless