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  • Don't understand shy Wendy was hated, and WHY jay won.

    WHY on earth did they dislike Wendy? I really think that was something the producers wanted for the show. How silly. You cannot say the woman does not have talent. She does. Her clothes were beautiful. She HAS the talent to produce amazing clothes. I hope she goes far. I really DISLIKE how they treated her. THAT was ugly. It made me not like the other designers clothing. Just because they were so ugly towards her. I do appreciate Jay softening up a bit at the end, but... I don't with him winning, though. His stuff is NOT wearable for anyone except a model on a runway. Weird and gay Bad choice, judges. Next top designer for WHO? ANyone who goes to fashion week dressed in red sweat pants and a red knitted cap with ties hanging down, blue socks and loafers...cut me a break...you are confusing edgy with just plain bad taste. The fat guy can't dress himself. Just because it is weird, doesn't make it fashionable.