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  • Awful, Awful, + Awful Again......

    After watching a number of shows that this so called voice actress performed in I had to change the channel. It's sad to see such terrible acting and worse of all the voice of this creature. I quess there really is such a thing as starving artists in under rated programs. Wendy Powell is truly the most awful thing that I have watched or heard of. This untalented actress is not a good roll model for any young child or person. Please parents be very aware. Maybe she can get some more training or just give it up and find a real job...moreless
  • Wendy Powell, a female voice actress is well known to the buyers of Funimation DVDs. She was born on April 19th 1971, in Fort Worth, Texas. She's starred in various roles ranging from Envy in Fullmetal Alchemist, to Makuro in Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files.moreless

    Wendy Powell has an interesting voice, that captivated me, and dragged me further into the shows she stars in. She's one of the best female actors in my opinion. I REAALly like her appearence as Envy in FMA, and was surprised that she worked on Fruits Basket too! I never realized it, because I never expected it. Her voice playing Envy sounds alot different from her voice as Kyo's Mother, but that may just be me be. I was surprised to hear her voice in Trinity Blood, but then again I guess her voice pattern does match the genre. I LOVE WENDY POWELL!!! IF your not in love with her acting yet, then now is a good time to start!!moreless