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  • an actor is one who attaracts anyone by his acting

    after watching all the four seasons of prison break , i am really a fan of miller's now watching the legends of tommorrow only because of is a great actor.
  • Crazy after Prison Break

    Hi Wentworth I love you and I love Prison Break, I have binge watched all four seasons in a few weeks. I am hell crazy after this series. I hated the part where you died I wanted to see you win and alive with Sarah I did not like the end where you died. I cried a lot when i saw your grave this is not what I had expected. Please come back alive with one more season. Love you!
  • Prison Break

    Hi there I love you wentworth miller you are such a good actor I love season 2 Sona and seaon 4 scylla I am going to come down to LA with my freind i really want to meet you
  • Wentworth Miller~ "In 2012 I joined a men's group called the ManKind Project

    Wentworth Miller~ "In 2012 I joined a men's group called the ManKind Project, which is a men's group for all men, and was introduced to the still foreign and potentially threatening concepts of us ... and we ... the idea of brotherhood, sisterhood, and community. And it was via that community that I became a member and a proud supporter of the Human Rights ~Wentworth Miller
  • King of Prison Break

    He's an exceptional actor. He'll of course be mostly credited with his role in Prison Break, where he had done a brilliant job. He's calm and collected which made him a great actor. Still deserves the 10
  • My Favourite

    After Hrithik r my second most favourite wll be nice if u do more movies and tv series.

    Its delightful to watch you online. love lots of movies.
  • Most talented TV actor


    Wentworth Miller is a critically acclaimed actor whose credits span both television and feature film. Prison Break is my best personal best tv show ever. And the main credit of success of Prison Break goes to this handsome and hard working actor. His performance as Michel Scofield has to be one of the outstanding performance in small screen. he has also played movies such as Resident evil, Underground and has done good job there too. I Think he need a big break in big movies in main role.

  • Talented and brillant actor. Of course I may be bias since he is SOOO good looking, and of course the writers for Prison Break deserve major awards. I will look for him on Law & Order re-runs...

    I never watched Prison Break when it was originally aired, just started watching daily reruns on a cable network about a month ago. I believe I am about 1/2 way into the last season. I can say hands down it is one of the best shows I have ever watched. After just a few episodes my husband I were instantly hooked. Secretly I was in awe of how handsome the lead actor was but then I realized that it was more than his "pretty" looks that I was drawn too. He is very convincing in his role and I look forward to seeing him in more TV, and hopefully the big screen.
  • There is nobody in the world who will take Went's title as the Hottest man alive, in my opinion.

    Wentworth Miller, original in name, in talent, in looks, in everything. He has made the character of Micheal Schfield come to life and grave our television screens every week. He has portrayed the character's emotions so cleverly that I for one feel his pain, happiness, frustration and joy whenever he presents it on screen. As well as his excpetional acting talent, you cannot deny that wentworth was blessed in the looks department. He is hot! Definitely one to watch, especially on TV. Anyway this is why Went is my hottest man alive, and nobody will ever take this title away from him, ever!! bye.
  • Wentworth Miller is the probably the main character on the show Prison break, he may not be in many things at all but he is an exceptional actor who I hope to see after prison break ends.

    Wentworth Miller, born in England just early and then straight away moved and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He play's as ''Michael Schofield'' a Structural Engineer from the Windy city (Chicago) he has a good life with a well payed job. His brother gets ''Lincoln'' gets framed for the murder of the Vice presidents brother ''Terence Steadmen'' So Lincoln gets sent to the death Penalty but whilst awaiting trial he is sent to the maximum security prison outside Chicago called Fox River Penitentiary. Michael then remembers that he designed the prison and so he remembers how to get out he tattoo's the prisons blueprints in a hidden pattern on his back. As the seasons went on Wentworth Miller played fantastic as the role of Michael and never seized to amaze you. Unfortunately you haven't really seen him in anything other than Prison break but hopefully you will! A great talented actor who should never be forgotten.
  • prison break cool,exciting,intense,but pretty good. wentworth miller i like him. he is very natural. he and dominic purcell like real brother. the way the treated each other like they are really related to each other as brother in life. good actors

    i will give him ten. pretty cool actor and very natural. he looks like very intelligent man and good man in real life. althought i really dont know him.,but he's reflection look like a good man in real life. also as i have read his background he came from a beautiful family. well educated parents.
    i hope i could see him again in some movies coming.
    i will be happy to see him again in some other movies.
    i hope he will have another opportunity to act again in the near future. this movie prison break really full of suspense and excitement. as i watch it everytime i am little bit tense. because i felt like im there.
  • Talented and handsome... OMG!

    He's talented, handsome, and so hot that I could spend an entire day just looking at him! Prison break is a great show and he definitely showed himself as a great actor. Although I think he should do more movies and that stuff, beacuse seriously, Stealth is such a waste, I mean, some people like that kind of movie, but he is just the VOICE of the damn robot. He should appear more in public, so the silly girls like me could see him and stare at him like if he's some kind of greek god. But, anyway, I happy watching him once a week breaking out of prison. Lol.
  • Actor?...Not so much....

    I questioned his acting abilities from episode 1. Went, unfortunately, failed to create a believable character, in my opinion. Sorry, I am immune to his personal charm, as I am not attracted to men. I judge his acting abilities on the merit of acting alone, and as such, he can't hold a candle to the rest of the crew on this show. It is hard not to laugh when he barks orders to other inmates. He sounds like 5-year old threatening his teacher. I feel pity for the other actors on the show, because they had to play along with it. In all fairness, it seemed like he got more comfortable with his role by the end of the show, or it could be that I just got used to the character. At least, there was some consistency.
  • mjau mjau mjau

    Amerikâòu televîzijas seriâla "Prison Break" ("Izlauðanâs") zvaigzne Ventvorts Millers savulaik gandrîz kïuvis par policistu, jo tâ vçlçjuðies viòa vecâki, ziòo "Contactmusic".
    "Viòi bija ðausmâs [kad es kïuvu par aktieri]. Viòi bija ieguldîjuði daudz naudas manâ nâkotnç, cerçdami, ka izvçlçðos kâdu stabilu profesiju.
    Viss, ko mans tçvs zinâja, bija, ka man nav darba, uz kuru jâiet katru rîtu, ka es katru dienu guïu lîdz pusdienlaikam un man nav stabilu ienâkumu. Viòð visu laiku sûtîja man e-pasta vçstules, atgâdinâdams, ka Losandþelosas policijâ ir brîvprâtîgo programma. Taèu tagad, protams, mani vecâki ir apmierinâti," viòð stâstîja.

    mmm mmmm mmm mmm mm mmmmmmmm mmm mmmm

    Maikls Skofilds (Ventvorts Millers) ir izmisis vîrietis visai bezcerîgâ dzîves situâcijâ. Viòa brâlis, Linkolns Barouzs (Dominiks Parsels), ir atzîts par vainîgu slepkavîbâ un ir nolemts nâvei cietumâ jau pçc pâris mçneðiem. Lai gan pierâdîjumi ir pret Linkolnu, tomçr Maikls ir pârliecinâts, ka brâlis nav vainojams ðajâ noziegumâ. Neredzot citu izeju ðai situâcijai, kâ arî saprotot, ka laiks strauji rit uz priekðu, Maikls aplaupa banku, lai tiktu ieslodzîts cietumâ lîdzâs savam brâlim. Kad Maikls ir nonâcis cietumâ, tad atklâjas, ka viòð – celtniecîbas inþenieris, kuram ir pieejams cietuma projekta plâns – perina precîzu shçmu, lai atbrîvotu savu brâli un pierâdîtu, ka Linkolns tiek nepatiesi apsûdzçts. Ðî jaunâ seriâla intriìçjoðâs sçrijas sola katru nedçïu atklât – gluþi kâ liekot puzli pa gabaliòiem - kâ Maikls realizç savu pârdroðo plânu, lai vadîtu Izlauðanos un atrisinâtu valsts mçroga sazvçrestîbu, kurai paredzamas tâlejoðas sekas. Daudzsçriju filma jau tagad ir iekarojusi milzu popularitâti un skatîtâju atzinîbu visâ pasaulç! (Anotâcija no tv3.lv)
  • Born in England, raised in Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of Princeton University, Wentworth Miller is a compelling and critically acclaimed young actor whose credits span both television and feature film.

    Wentworth Earl Miller III, or better known to audiences as just Wentworth Miller, was born on June 2, 1972, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England to parents, Roxann, a special education teacher, and Wentworth Earl Miller II, a lawyer educator. His two younger sisters, Gillian and Leigh, are also involved in the law field, similar to his father.

    When he turned a year old, his family moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York. His father became an assistant district attorney over there. Wentworth retains a dual citizenship, but affirms that he has always been an American. He also comes from a very diverse background, his father is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent, and his mother is of Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent.

    Wentworth attended Midwood High School in Brooklyn, where he was a member of Sing!, an annual musical production that was started by Midwood. He later on transferred to Quaker Valley Senior High School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Wentworth was a straight As student in high school and was involved in the AV club and school newspaper.
  • Here he is, the tatooed guy who got their friends out of the prison.

    So handsome, so charming and now they say he's a waste because he's gay Well girls I am sorry but I will only write about his talent as an actor.
    He's talented and he passes his(his character's) feelings to us. Even though he's not very known, I think he's going to have a great career. But he should leave Prison Break right away because the show is getting worse and he wouldn't want his image to get worse too. And that will eventually happen. I just don't think he is an action film man and he's showing it in PB. He is a great actor but his running scenes are a little bit lost. He can't simulate how a person is when he's on troubles. But he's fine and I like him. Didn't think he was gay though!
  • No given enough credit!

    Wentworth Miller would be one of the most underrated actors on our screens. He is not given enough credit for his acting ability when he should be praised for his talent endlessly. I am addicted to Prison Break mainly because of Wentworth Miller. He is the most down-to-earth person I have seen (in interviews). He's not like other celebrities who party and are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. He's not only a great actor and a nice guy..but I think you will agree when I say he is the Hottest actor ever!! I would go out with Wenty in a second!
  • Steamy....

    Wentworth Miller is too cute! Prison Break is a great fit for him. It makes him so much hotter, because he so intelligent! I will have to say though that Fox needs to make him laugh more often and not just a ha ha ha laugh, a break out in tears laugh! Granted they are going through some rough times but let those pearly whites show! He is a really talented actor, not just becaue he is hot but becaue he is pretty dynamic as well he went from being a prisoner to a fugitive to a boot leg cop and now to a sick guy with a tumor in his brain all without breaking a sweat! whew!
  • An extremely talented actor...

    Extremely talented is definitely the right words to describe Wentworth Miller. He took Prison Break by storm and originality, he is the brains of Prison Break always providing a get out of jail card to each of his friends. He never stops to intrigue me in Prison Break as to where his depth of knowledge comes from. He has a big heart and is always there for his friends when they are in a bit of a jam. Always proving he is trustworthy to those he likes. All in all,to all those women, wife's and daughters out there he has proven to be such a heart throb.
  • Absolute!

    They say a good story may make a good actor but I say a good actor always makes a good story. Wentworth has made Prison Break a must watch for me and it does not hurt that the other cast members particularly Robert Knepper makes it all the easier for Prison Break. It is not as much as what he does, but how he does it. Wentworth makes the story line worth it for me and over and over again I find myself yearning for scenes with him on it for you never know next what rabbit he is going to pull out of the hat. That element of constant innovativeness in both the writing for his part and his acting is why he gets a pure ten review from me.
  • Miller Came to China last week,he's really a gentleman , a good guy .

    Miller Came to China last week,he's really a gentleman , a good guy .i like him very much since the prison break aired. Oct 19th he came to beijing , visit the great wall and the Forbidden City. i am so excited and fortunate to see him, and take a photo with him .he 's so nice ,patient and be friendly to everyone.of courese,he is so sexy, uhu....

    i don't know how to post the videos and photos ,here are the links , enjoy it !!!(:really good!!! photos in mtime webiste cooperation:(http://www.mtime.com/news/gallery/2008/10/19/10251.html)

    miller's interview videos :(http://www.mtime.com/movie/39138/trailer/14203.html)

    all reports on miller's frist china trip :
  • He's so charming. Best part is, he can act!

    Wentworth Miller. He's GORGEOUS, more importantly CHARMING. Those eyes, I CAN MELT. I seriously don't know how Sarah Wayne Callies can act alongside him and act properly! His eyes just dazzles me.

    Prison Break is wonderful, partly because of he's acting. He's a great actor, portraying that 'mysteriousness' Scofield has.

    I think that Wentworth Miller should take a leap to movies. I would love to see him acting in a movie, getting known more around the world. I know that he has loads, LOADS, of girl fans, so it doesn't really matter to have a little more, isn't it?

    I hope that the creators of Prison Break will not 'kill' Michael Scofield, seemingly now that he might have some sickness (most probably cerebral aneurysm) and he has nose bleeds and headaches. It will be sad if Michael Scofield disappears from the show.

    Wentworth Miller certainly did a great job in bringing out the character of Michael Scofield. He did a great job in portraying Michael Scofield. He fits the brainy attitude Michael Scofield has!

    I really hope that Wentworth Miller will move on in his career as an actor. I can't wait to see more from him.

    P.S. : He's way too hot to be in prison.
  • He's wonderful

    I love this guy. prison break is one of my most favorite shows, i faithfully watch it every week. He definitely makes the show for me, he's a great actor not to mention absolutely gorgeous. He hasnt done much besides prison break but I could definitely see home doing action movies and playing very versatile roles. i believe that since he had become so well know with this show that it may make it a little bit harder to break into the movie bi because people may not be able to see him past "michael scofield". doesnt matter though he's wonderful either way and i enjoy atching him do anything!
  • Very talented.

    What can I say about Wentworth Miller? I mean oh my god, he is so, so, so talented. His acting skills are out of this world. He is one of my favourite actors ever. I mean when I watch Prison Break, he is just truely awesome. He is the best. I love his so much, he is really talented and extremely gorgeous! I adore Wentworth so much. We need to see him in alot more films and tv shows. But I like the way he is, he tries to keep himself to himself. I just love him, I would love to meet him someday or even just get his signature. It would be awesome! All in all Wentworth Miller is an awesome actor who is very talented. Oh and he rules on Prison Break!
  • He is more than what has been said about him. Just hot, sexy, killer eyes..?!

    I believe he is more than what we hear about him. I think he has an interesting personality somehow similar to Michael Scofield, Smart, thoughtful, gentle, cool and kind. Just take a look at his meticulous answer to some ridiculous questions like being gay.
    "I'm cool with the fact that the rumors exist. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man, or one of each, that's cool with me as long as you keep watching the show."
    Ordinary people usually answer to this kind of rumor in a way to accept or deny being gay But look at him. He didn't get angry. He answered like a wise man that he believes in rumor and that's cool with him! And at the end he invites all of rumormongers to keep watching the show! The way he answers shows exactly how he looks at this matter and you can conclude he is not even a talented actor but also a peerless and perfect person.
  • How can you not say this man is HOT!

    Hmm... where can I start. Sexalicious Wentworth, you know a lot of people say he owes it to Mariah Carey for putting him on the map, but, he was already a star before those 2 videos, which I drool over everytime I see them. Wentworth Miller has sex appeal, which sells, but he also has brains & more sex appeal... Hee Hee Hee. I don't know what to say about this man, he's just hot, sexy, intelligent, and a really great actor. I love the way he portrays Michael Schofield for one, he makes Michael that sexy successful person we all look for in a man. And, he humbles himself quite well.
  • I know I gave him a little low score but that was because I compared him with many other actors. He's still my favorite!

    I'm trying my best to not sound gay here. Mr. Wentworth Miller is HOT. To make it clear one more time, I'm not gay No, I'm not a bi either.

    Although I first found out about him in Prison Break, it doesn't mean I like him because of the show. I mean, yeah Prison Break was one of the reasons but not a major one. I just don't like people who stick around an actor just because he potrayed a cool character in a TV Show because that's not who they are.

    There's no doubt about it: Mr. Miller is smart (went to Princton University) and pus he's so open minded! There's a rumor that you probably heard that Mr. Miller is gay I'm not sure I believe in that although I've seen some photos of him with another actor (this doesn't seem to prove anything. It could just be a close friend!) Well, I thought Mr. Miller might be a little angry at this rumor especially if it wasn't true. If it was true and if I was him, I wouldn't want many people to find out that I'm gay So unless Miller can reveal it himself, I don't think it gives the right for other people to make the rumors. And yes, I have seen the YouTube video that says Mr. Miller is gay Well back to the topic, Mr. Miller is open minded because...did you see his reaction of the whole gay rumor? His response to the gay interview was "I'm cool with the fact that the rumors exist. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies. If someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man, or one of each, that's cool with me as long as they keep watching the show."

    So there's hot, smart and open minded! On to acting...

    If you'd seen Wentworth's filmography before Prison Break, he didn't have major roles. And BAM! There's Prison Break. Now I'm thinking "Whoa? Can he do this?" Come on, he's young and he hasn't had a major resume but oh boy was I surprsied when I watched the first episode of PB. Now obviously he wasn't as good as the later episodes of the series but for a rookie actor, awesome!!! And I don't think he is a rookie after all :)

  • He is very sexy and most talented!!!!!!! I think he is very intelligent, too. I adore him!!!!!We must see him in many more movies!!!!!!!! I 'd love to meet you but this is most dificult because I live very much far from your country!!!!!

    I adore you Went, and I hope to see you in many more movies!!!You are very talented!!!!! And not only that but you are so sexy too!!!!!! These eyes you have and this smile is oh my God !!!!!!!! Every woman on planet loves you!!!!! But this must not make you selfish!!!!!!! I 'd love to meet you but it's a bit difficult because I live so far from your country!!!!!! Who knows maybe someday I' ll visit your country !!!!!! I want to sent you a letter but it's sure that you don't read this!!!! I love you Went!!!!!!! And hope
  • Unique looks and a talented actor too

    I first saw him in the humain stain and i was impressed by his presence and his talent. Recently i kind of stumbled over prison break and i really like the relationship between the two brothers. Purcell and miller really have chemistry and their relationship is very believable. i cannot imagine any other actor in the role of michael scofield. Miller portrays Michael not just as the genius he clearly is, he really makes you feel for the character and the obstacles he has to overcome. I would like to see Wentworth Miller a little more often on the big screen.
  • A talented actor, good looking, compelling and has proved his potential in Prison Break. Unknown before that, no one can say that about him anymore.

    I jumped into the prison break bandwagon very late. I would say about a week back, i watched my first episode, and was hooked on for Micheal's performance. His eyes talk a lot unlike other actors of these days. It is very difficult to judge him in the series, because of his often confusing, and contradicting in his behavior, body language, and dialog delivery. We get to see varied faces of his acting right through the series, and particularly in season 3, where every second leads him into some trap or the other. I hope he continues the great work as an actor, and does end up doing "sensible" movies, which do justice to his acting skills.
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