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Wes Bergmann


9/10/1984, Leawood,Kansas

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    • Wes: My definition of the "Real World" as far as the show goes would probably just be, about putting a bunch of people in a house that are going to be entertaining to watch. No, my definition of the "Real World" as far as the show goes is they cast a bunch of people who have interesting lives and at the same point are able to open up their lives to millions of people to watch and experience at the same time. My definition of the real world in life would just be about experiences and stories. I'm the kind of guy that wants to do everything once. I mean I'm not a traveler, but I want to be able to say that I've been to this place, this place, this place, one time. I can always go back, but I will never know if I like it until I've been there or if I did that. Like everything from bungee jumping to playing a certain Nintendo game, I want to be involved in every single story that my friends are talking about that way I can say, 'Yeah, I've done that too or I've see that.'

    • NorthernStar: What advice would you give to college students today, obviously you've been there, done that, what advice would you give them?
      Wes: That's a big one. Well I mean, this is the conclusion of your youth right now. Because of that, you not only need to live up your youth as much as possible, it's almost like the "Real World," you only have a short amount of time to have a crazy experience and college is just your last hoorah at that so make it a good one. When you look back at your youth at your fun and at the stories on your life, you're going to look back on the last part of it, the crazy stuff. That way you look back and you don't regret, because the second you start regretting things, the second you are not going to be happy with your life at the present moment.

    • Wes: The thing is, if they didn't see it on camera, I don't want them to know it. There are certain things in my life, especially things that I am guarding and I want in my future, that I want to keep private. And those things weren't on the show because I didn't share them either through casting or on the show or with my roommates cause that stuff is all on camera. My goals in life are all private things and those kinds of things that I didn't share on the show, I don't want people to know about me. I want people to only know one dimension of me because if they really care, then you know you are good friends with them if they know all of the dimensions about you and not just that one. The fact that the show only portrays me as one dimension, is a perfect example as to who actually knows you.

    • Wes: Lacy I probably talk the least and not because I dislike her or not because I don't have time, it's just you call up Lacy and you say how things are going and you are happy that things are going well for the most part. She's a cool girl, she's smart and intelligent, but we just don't have that much in common. After the normal, quick five minute conversation about how things are going, you don't have much more to talk about. I probably should call her more often.

    • Wes: As far as the "Gauntlets" and stuff goes, those are all optional and you have to be invited to do so. And even though you watch those shows and you think, holy crap they invite about 20 to 25 people to do the last challenge and you're like, yeah everyone can get on a challenge at some point. But you have to realize that there has been 16 seasons and they just showed the previews of the 17th season of the Real World. That is seven people a piece, and then all the "Road Rulers," I mean that's a lot of people. They're optional, but most of the time you don't even get invited to do so.

    • Wes: As far as the contracts go, I am not supposed to do anything else that isn't on MTV such as movies and such without their permission.

    • Wes: Austin, like my roommates, was a fun place in small doses. I would never want to live there, I would never want to settle down and raise a family there. I would never even want to go to college there. It's kinda like a spectacle, it's the surface of Texas. It's just a bunch of hippies and weird people. I do have to admit, I met a lot of really cool people there that I'll be friends with for life down there and I had a lot of really good experiences. I can't really imagine my experience in too many other places in Texas. It was definitely a fun time though.

    • Wes: I came back from my fraternity house late one night and I was talking to this girl and she was like, "Yeah, I'm trying out for the 'Real World.'" So I was, like, thinking in my mind, "What do you mean you're trying out for the 'Real World?'" I had no idea. She was like, "I got asked." So I was like, "Man, I want to hook up with this girl." She kept saying she had to go home and go to sleep because I have to get up early for the try-outs. So I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm doing that too." And I completely bald-faced lied and so I was like, "Why don't you stay up all night with me, we'll get really drunk and go to the try-outs early in the morning, we'll pull an all-nighter." And that's what we did, and I showed up and they interviewed 10 people at a time so she was in my interview group. The next thing I know, I was asked to stay and fill out paper work and stuff and she was sent home. The rest was history.

    • Wes: I'm not in school because this has taken up such a large portion of my time, but I hope to go back as soon as possible. It should be pretty fun.

    • Wes: Chicago is my favorite city. I really, really want to live there and I am working on finding a place to live there. I know that a lot of past Real Worlders and Road Rulers live up there and it's kinda cool to hook up with them because they kinda understand you a little bit better than some other people. It is a fun place. It's got everything. The way I look at it, the way I describe Chicago is it's got everything and anything that Los Angeles and New York have only you have Midwestern people. You don't get nice people like them in Las Angeles and New York for the most part.

    • Unknown: So if you and Johanna are hanging out, the obvious question is, are you a couple?Wes: The obvious answer is, I can't tell you right now. I would've told you three days ago, but I got in trouble two days ago. So I'm gonna be a good little boy for three weeks.

    • Wes: One thing I'm scared about is, I'm really good friends with my cast right now, and when you go back and watch some of the moments when I'm screaming at them or fighting about something or talking about 'em behind their backs, I'm going to feel really bad.

    • Whitney Fuller: (said about him) I'm probably the only girl he will actually do anything for. He doesn't have that many close, close girlfriends, I would say. Dating-wise, he never really sticks with a girl that long

    • Jeff Naughton: (he said about Wes) He's pretty much one of the most confident people I've ever met, because it doesn't seem possible he could be lying. ... He convinced some girls in Costa Rica that he was Prince Harry and that Nehemiah and Danny were his bodyguards.

    • Wes: I definitely posed as a Kansas City Wizards player. A professional poker player, fireman, the poker player works the best, because you get to talk about how you like to take risks and how you like to throw around lots of money. Talk about money and danger, and girls don't know what to do with themselves.

    • Wes: (describing why he had sex on a pool table) 'Cause we knew if we were hiding they could kind of show what we were doing, but if we did it straight out in the open, no covers, even in the living room or on top of the pool table, they couldn't show it at all. What are they gone do - blur out the whole pool table?

    • Wes: It was like a four-month spring break for me, because every single party was twice as much fun with the cameras around just because more crazy stuff happened. I was put in a position down there where the only thing to do was party.
      What was I gonna do? Start a business? Go to school and show how smart I am? No. The only thing to do was do our job (making a documentary at the South by Southwest music festival), which really wasn't that big of a deal, and go out and meet people and party.

    • Wes: Anybody that you saw when you were in middle school, just stay away from, okay?

  • Not as good as he thinks.

    but not bad. Good guy.
  • wes is soooo hot it is not even funny him and johanna make such a cute couple ( but not as cute as mel and danny) why did wes have to retire he is not old he is young and hott but i think he needed to finish school before he does anything hopefully him anmoreless

    wes is the 2nd hottest real world guy ever he is so hott that when you see his smile or body you cant help but fall in love with him johanna is so lucky to be with such a nice guy as wes he should of not retired he is not old he is a young stud but he needed to go to school and stuff like that before he marries johanna but hopefully they dont break up while wes is in school that will be very bad because wes didnt even ask johanna to marry him but that wont happend (hopefully)moreless