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  • Wes Cowan is the best host of history detectives

    Wes Cowen is a very natural people person with so much compassion. His knowledge and honesty make the history detectives such a great show. I have started getting into buying and selling antiques of all kinds, but mostly glassware and pottery. He has been a true inspiration and made learning history so much fun. I live in Michigan and will be traveling to his gallery this summer on one of my antique expiditions. I would love to meet him. I know he is so down to earth. He explains things so well to people, he has a great smile and sense of humor. I have been watching the show for 5 years now and am so hooked on it. I have read so many antique and history books so I can learn more. this show has helped to change my life.

    Keep up the good Work I can't wait until the 2009 season startsmoreless