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  • One of the most people in horror.

    Wes Craven is one of the most important horror directors alive.

    Wes Craven single handedly reinvented the face of horror films, not once but three times. `Last House On The Left` (1972), pre-dating the original`Texas Chainsaw Massacre` took horror to a new level with it's disturbingly graphic scenes of violence. The film was one of the original video nasties, and was banned for 28 years. The currently available version of the film still has sequences cut from it.

    In 1984, with the endless `Friday the 13th` and `Halloween` sequels seeming tired and dated, Craven made `A Nightmare On Elmstreet`. A chilling tale which involved a scarred bogeyman who killed children through their dreams. Along with `Friday the 13th`'s Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger would go on to be one of the most famous pop culture horror icons of all time.

    In 1996, with the slasher genre pretty much dead in the water, Craven decided to take the genre in a whole new direction with `Scream`. A post modern take on previous slasher films, `Scream` delivered the scares and black humour laughs to amazing new levels, while keeping it's feet firmly on the ground.

    Although not all of Wes Craven's films have been classics of the genre, I am convinced that he will continue to bring even greater visions to the horror genre for years to come.