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  • So gorgeous!!

    Hi, i am from Belgium ; i saw him in \'City guy\" and \"What i like about u\". He is so fine and so gorgeous. I\'d like to write to him but where can i find his adress ? Can someone tell me? I\'m searching also for his official fan club.Thanks. Marie.
  • Another guy that is under the rader in Hollywood.

    Why can't this guy get more roles in movies or shows? He gets passed over while lesser talented guys get the roles.
    He does have a fan following and that is dying to see him more. Maybe Roll Bounce will help jump start his career and out of the shadows of others.
  • Wesley Jonathan is very funny!

    Wesley Jonathan is a very talented young actor. He also has a very nice bod..Anyways, we should see more of him since the tv show he was starring in has ended which was What I Like About You. He played the very funny Gary and did a great job at it too. Wesley is very fit and strong looking so that always pleases someone and the very funny part about it was when in one episode, Gary wanted to go to Europe with her so he had to convince her to pick him so he always took off his shirt.
  • Beautiful Person

    I met him the other night and he is one of the coolest, funnniest, sexiest people you ever wanna meet. Oh my god his eyes and dimples says it all. When I say him at first I didn't recognize him. We were just talking and laughing. He actually shared a drink with me. But when he took off those glasses it was like Bam. Ya'll I almost hit the floor. It was amazing a guy I found to be irrestible was have a drink and talking to me. I loved him in Roll Bounce. To me he made the movie what it was.
  • Wesley jonathan is so fine!

    Im gonna be real with yall. I think wesley jonathan is one of the finest boys I have ever seen in my life.He is a very talented actor and he is so hott.I would give anything to meet him in person.And I would love to see his fine self in many more movies and shows.If you would like to email me my address is angelbaby636@hotmail.com.Ok I\'ll holla back later im out.
  • Wesley Jonathan is known for his role as Jamal on "City Guys". He has had roles in such movies as "The United States of Leland", "Baadasssss!", "Panther", and recently "Roll Bounce" as the unforgetable character of Sweetness. He also currently stars in "W

    There\'s just something about Wesley Jonathan that I can\'t quite put my finger on. I think he\'s a good actor. From what I have seen, he can take on serious roles, then can turn around and be silly (not that it\'s a bad thing) and he is FINE, which is a big bonus!! I hope to see him in more movies soon!
  • A Talented,Sexy,Diverse Actor.

    I think that Wesely is a great actor. I use to love him in City Guys and I loved him in What I Like About You. Both roles shows he perform well as a sitcom actor. In the movie Roll Bounce he showed he could handle what ever you threw at him. I think Wesely should star in more roles.