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  • Artistic

    Wesley Snipes is one of my favorite African-American actors ever. He is such a perfect artistic and talented actor. Snipes has become a great Martial artist such as his roles in Blade, Blade II, and of course Blade: Trinity of the Blade Trilogy. I really like his style. He can fight with a sword, fight, hand to hand combat and can do moves of a Ninja. He may have gone to prison/jail for tax evation but he will always be a good actor for his talented work and all that. He sure is a heck of talented martial artist and actor.
  • empty

    Cool actor. I have seen him in some good movies, Demolition Man, U.S. Marshalls, Blade, Blade II, and Blade Trinity, and I must admit that I think that he is a good actor, though most of his roles always seem to show him like this cool guy who is invincible, but still I like him and respect him as an actor. I really enjoy his acting.