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  • A band such as Westlife can't be described in any amount of words. With cunning looks and amazing voices between them all, they have captivated teens for many years including myself.

    I have been a fan of this group since they came out in 1998. Being in middle school, I saw them in concert and just was in aw. Over the years, they've had so many songs and number 1 hits primarily in the United Kingdom, but lucky for me, I've found borders.com to be a great source for buying their albums. I've never seen so much talent and it amazes me that they aren't as big here in the US as they are overseas. But that doesn't stop me from listening and traveling to see them. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I was lucky enough to see them many times in London and Ireland. To this day, they remain my favorite band and they probably will be for as long as they're around and nothing will change that. To hear Kian's voice is something unlike anything I've ever heard. Him along with Shane, Mark, and Nicky, and Brian when he was in the band have had me in aw and tears sometimes because their music has helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life. I don't know how to describe the impact that they've made on me as a person, but it's a huge one. One thing that makes ie sort of special for me is that Kian and I share the same birthday. We both were born on April 29th. Different years, but I still found that exciting. Anyway, this is a band that people may not listen to much anymore, but to those who do, I'm glad because they are great singers with talent that I haven't seen in many of the boybands out there.