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    • Whitney Cummings: (on being called alternative by mainstream comics) Sometimes it's a compliment to be called alternative. When people say you're alternative, I say, 'What does that mean?' And a lot of times the answer is that 'Your jokes are smart and you're very clever.' But I don't want to accept that definition because I don't want to imply that mainstream comics aren't smart and clever. I think it just means that your jokes are maybe more cerebral. I hope it doesn't mean that I have a smaller appeal, because that's not a goal of mine.

      Maybe it has something to do with clever construction of jokes, which I used to do more of. Now I'm just breaking open onstage more than I'm telling well-crafted jokes. Dan Mintz is a great example of someone who does brilliant jokes with no emphasis on presentation. He's considered an alternative comedian but his material is funny to everyone. I don't think anyone would walk in and not think his material was hilarious.