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    • Whitney Cummings: (releasing anger on stage) Comedy is a very combative job. People always say comedians are fucked up. I don't think comedians always start out fucked up. I think doing comedy fucks them up. I think they start out perfectly normal and then after 10 years of doing stand-up, then you're a nightmare and you're on drugs. I think the terms we use onstage proves that: I killed, I slaughtered. It's always such a violent terms. Going onstage can be war sometimes.

      But I think there's a lot of anger in comedy because it could be a very frustrating job. No matter how big or how great a comedian is, the last three shows they did, I'm sure one of them was bad. You're always being challenged. If you're doing great, and you tape your hour special, then you have to write a whole new hour and get back in the trenches again and get rejected again. You're putting yourself out there every night to be either rejected or accepted.

      Comedy attracts very aggressive people because it takes a lot of balls. I consider the Comedy Store to be my home club in LA. A lot of people stay away from it because they think it's dark and toxic, but it really is the best place to get better at comedy. That place has been a gift for me. The lighting is set up so that you can't see the audience so you're defenseless against hecklers. So you get really strong with hecklers; I don't fear them anymore because I feel like I've been in the trenches there. They don't serve food, so the audience is not distracted. They're just staring in your eyes. They say a giggle at the Comedy Store is like an applause break anywhere else. You just have to eat shit. Chris Rock was in there a couple months ago and he was like. 'Ah, back at the Comedy Store' because he was just doing ok. It's a lot of people that don't speak English, a lot of tourists. So no matter how good you think you are, you can always eat shit there twice a week.